Review // Nubar Grapefruit Cuticle Care Oil

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One thing a nail blogger can never have enough of is cuticle oil, in my opinion. It smoothes down rough cuticles, it moisturizes, it adds shine, and it usually smells great! Today I decided to try out a new-to-me cuticle oil from Nubar. Did I love it? Did I immediately throw it in the garbage? Check under the cut to find out!

Nubar Cuticle Care Oil in Grapefruit
Price: $10 - $13 for 15 ml
Availability: Beauty salons and online
Description: Formulated to help get rid of nail fungus such as inflamed skins, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Contains Jojoba Oil, Bran Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Ceramium Rubrum Extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, and Mulberry Root Extract.


The applicator for this cuticle oil was an eye dropper which I haven't used for cuticle oil before but to be honest I really liked it! When you apply it the oil will hold it's drop shape until you are ready to rub it in - it didn't 't immediately run down the sides of my cuticles like other oils I've used. (Again, this was something I liked!) It rubbed in to the skin really well and didn't feel sticky or too greasy, and I definitely noticed a change after even just the first application.


I think Nubar bottles are cute and I felt this was a decent amount of cuticle oil for the price. :) I appreciate the grip on the lid and like I said earlier I really like that the product applies with an eyedropper. The container seals tight but I still don't know if I would trust it 100% to free-float around in my purse.


I chose the Grapefruit scent though Nubar has a number of other options too. At first I couldn't detect any scent at all but if you focus you can get a faint hint of what I would call a passible grapefruit scent. I appreciate the almost-total lack of scent as it didn't set my allergies off, and what little scent there was I did like. If you're looking for a strongly scented product this one isn't for you, but if you prefer little-to-no scent this will be right up your alley!

Overall Thoughts 

In general I'm really happy with this product, and if I used it all up I would definitely consider purchasing it again. I like the subtle scent, I like the packaging, and I found it did a really impressive job at getting my cuticles into shape! After one application they were noticibly smoother. I would definitely recommed Nubar's line of cuticle oils if you're looking for something new to try. :)

What's your favourite brand of cuiticle oil? Do you prefer brushes, droppers or rollerballs to apply your oil? 

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  1. I make my own cuticle oil these days! I prefer them most in a pen, but I have one with a dropper too and I like it! Just not as handy on the go. This looks like a great night-time treatment oil though!

  2. I probably would of chosen the grapefruit smell too. I'm a major cuticle oil buyer and would love to try this one!

  3. Ohh I'll have to test this out! Like Rose, I'm a cuticle oil hoarder haha

  4. Ohh I'll have to test this out! Like Rose, I'm a cuticle oil hoarder haha

  5. Ohh I'll have to test this out! Like Rose, I'm a cuticle oil hoarder haha

  6. I've never tried one with a dropper before, I need to try one out. I also like oils that aren't heavily scented.

  7. This sounds like a great product! I've never used a dropper with cuticle oil before, but I like that this one isn't runny.

  8. a dropper?! Thats so awesome!!

  9. Love droppers for cuticle oils, they're my favorite besides brush pens!

  10. I had no idea Nubar had cuticle oils! I love the dropper packaging for my oils, I have a few like that. My very favourite oil at the moment is the one by Mango Med which I was sent from a US friend. Unfortunately it's not available over here and it's getting to the end of the bottle.

  11. I love grapefruit and would have went for that scent too. For your sake I'm glad the scent wasn't strong but I'm a bit bummed as I would have wanted a stronger scent!!!

  12. I like the crispness of grapefruit scent!

  13. This looks great, I also prefer subtle scents!


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