Shopping Roundup // My Indie Expo Canada 2017 Haul!

by - Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hello lovely readers! I'm trying to get most of my IEC2017 posts up this weekend because next week is a Digit-al Dozen week which means I will be neck-deep in nail art, so today I'm sharing my shopping haul post with you! I haven't had time to swatch any of these beauties but I have some gorgeous bottle shots to share. :)

Take a look and let me know which you would like me to swatch first!

Alter Ego

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pen in Vanilla

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pen
in Lavender

I got two different scents of cuticle oil pens from Alter Ego, and what I really like is that the pens are refillable! So you can just pop off the bottom and load it up with more oil once it runs out. :)

Beyond the Nail

Beyond the Nail Sloteazzy from the 2015 Nail Artist Collaboration Collection

Beyond the Nail Space Cadet

Beyond the Nail is already one of my favourite indie brands and I knew exactly what I was planning to pick up from them when I went to their booth. These two linear holos are some of the only ones I don't have yet and Beyond the Nail does a FAB linear holo!

Beyond the Nail Glistening Fairy Wings from the Spring 2017 Mystical Dreams Collection

Beyond the Nail Glossy Griffin Fur
from the Spring 2017 Mystical Dreams Collection

Beyond the Nail Summer Galaxy 2.0 Full Collection: Celestial, Cosmic, Astral, Stellar, Astronomical, Intergalactic

I also planned to pick up this collection and am super pumped they had some left when I stopped by! Brights + a dash of holo? What's not to love!

CANVAS Lacquer

CANVAS Lacquer Iron Throne

CANVAS Lacquer Drunk in Love from the Celebration, Bitches! Collection

CANVAS Lacquer Cuticle Oil in Sipping Tea

CANVAS is one of those brands I always mean to try out but never get a chance to. Well, that's changed now! I have two gorgeous polishes to play with and this cuticle oil smells divine.

Ever After Polish

Ever After Polish Blue Hawaiian

Ever After Polish Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
from The Beatles Love Part 1 Collection

Ever After Polish If All the Raindrops Were Gumdrops an Indie Shop Torrance Limited Edition

Ever After Polish Woodland Nymph

Ever After Polish Where Are You Christmas? the Black Friday 2016 Doorbuster

Ever After Polish Dark Forest an Indie Shop Atlanta Limited Edition

Ever After Polish I'm Not Giving Up Today

Ever After Polish is one of those brands I didn't intend to buy so much from, but they make AMAZING flakie jelly polishes so I just had to. I also picked up two mystery packs (I LOVE a good mystery pack!) for $15 each, and from the two of those got these four lovelies above.

Fair Maiden Polish

Shades from Fair Maiden Polish The Rainbow Brights: Tickle Me Pink, Look on the Bright Side, Ooh La La, Don't Be Shy

I LOVE Fair Maiden Polish. I've previously stated they're my favourite indie brand of all time, so it was no surprise that I ran right over to them when shopping opened up. The hard part? I already own almost all of the polishes they had out! Haha.

I knew I was going to get the rest of The Rainbow Brights (I already own all the other colours in the set) and decided to pick up a couple more pictured below too.

Fair Maiden Polish Seaflower from the 2017 Pony Parade Collection 

Fair Maiden Polish Cruel Summer a 2017 summer release

Fiendish Fancies

Fiendish Fancies Up Shift Creek from the 2016 Holy Shift Thermal Box

Fiendish Fancies is a brand I've really come to love - their polishes wear wonderfully on me, and they make lovely cremes with a hint of glitter. They also do an amazing thermal. The one pictured above actually shifts from a purple to hot pink!

Fiendish Fancies 2017 Cabin Fever Full Collection: The Merman, Patience Buckner, The Sugarplum Fairy, The Unicorn, The Wraith, The Dolls

I don't think this collection has officially released yet, and I'll admit this is one I pre-ordered to pick up at the expo (because that way it didn't count in for my budget, right?) and I'm super glad I did. Pastel perfection!

Girly Bits Cosmetics

Girly Bits Cosmetics 2017 Sequins and Satin Pants Full Collection: Jive Talkin', The Hustle, Funky Town, Sequins and Satin Pants (gift with purchase), Stayin' Alive, Brick House, Le Freak, Hot Stuff

These are my first selections from Girly Bits and I'm really excited to use them - I did a gradient with a few during my tutorial and they worked AMAZINGLY so I will definitely be playing around with them more!

Moo Moo's Signatures

Moo Moo's Signatures Fire Rooster for Chinese New Year 2017

Moo Moo's Signatures Singing A Texas Lullaby from the Life of a Cowgirl Trio

Moo Moo's Signatures Cowgirl's Broken Time Machine from the Life of a Cowgirl Trio

This is a new brand for me, but their polishes are lovely and they had a discount for buying three polishes, so how could I resist. ;)

Native War Paints

Native War Paints CRASH!

Native War Paints 9

Native War Paints BAM!

Native War Paints is a brand with a bit of drama around them, but I decided to pick up two polishes to try all the same. And I won a third (the blue in the middle) so we'll see how I like them. Will I pick up more polishes? Not likely, but I did buy these ones knowing that some people might not be too happy with me. And that is all I will say!


Pahlish Reverie from the 2017 Summer Escapes Collection

And last but not least we have my very first Pahlish, and of course it's a flakie jelly. Flakies seem to be the trend in indie polish these days and I'm not mad at all! More flakies, more money I want to spend! Haha.

So that's my haul! A nice little selection if I do say so myself, and I'm excited to really dig into using them. :)

Are there any polishes or collections you'd like to see me swatch or use in nail art first? If so, let me know!

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Some wonderful colors you picked up during the Indie Expo Canada!

  2. Love seeing everything that was available at the Indie Expo Canada! Thank you for your purchase, I hope you like them!

  3. Those Ever Afters look amazing!


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