ProcrastiNails: Pinterest Inspired Nail Art Challenge Week 3: Free-hand Chevrons!

This week for our pinterest inspired challenge we are doing chevrons! This is one that I was looking forward to, since I’ve never actually tried a chevron design before. EXCITING! Hahah. 🙂

When I started this mani I was planning to use my chevron craft scissors, but they fought me every step of the way no matter what tricks I tried (painters tape, scotch tape, tape on wax paper, sharpening the scissors, etc.). Thankfully all the other design scissors I got all work just fine, so you’ll be seeing some looks with those in the future! Anyway, since the tape wasn’t working all of the chevrons you see in this mani were freehanded with a mid-length striping brush and a lot of patience! I won’t tell you how long this mani took, but I love how it turned out.

This mani started off with four (!!) coats of Revlon Jaded (320) as a base for the majority of my nails, and three coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for my accent nail. Even though it took a lot of coats I love the cool pastel shade of Jaded. (Plus I found it at Dollarama, so it only cost me $2! Bonus!)

Once the base colours dried fully, I went in with my striping brush and painted the rows of black chevrons with Sinful Colors Black on Black on the majority of my fingers. My middle finger was actually supposed to be the same design, but I messed it up and once I re-did the base coat I decided I wanted to do something different on it.

For the accent nail(s) I did the thick black strip first, and then added silver triangles with Acrylic Paint. I would have used silver polish, but none of my silvers are opaque enough. :/ When that dried I made a smaller triangle inside the silver with Black on Black.

I decided to invert the design on each accent nail to add a bit more visual interest.

When I was doing the white accent nail I had a moment where I didn’t know if it should just be silver/white/black, or if it should be silver/white/black/green. I was at work so I asked my lovely co-worker Pat what she thought, and she decided it should be just silver/white/black so it would pop. I’m happy I listened to her, because I really like the way it works with the rest of the mani. 🙂

And that’s the look! I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m thinking of doing my first tutorial focusing on free-handing chevrons (since it was much easier once I had a system of how to draw them). Thoughts?

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