Review // Unboxing a 99¢ Born Pretty Store Three Item Lucky Bag Secret Gift Pack

by - Monday, June 19, 2017

So the longer I blog, the more I seem to love receiving mystery boxes or mystery packs. I don't know what it is! There's just something so fun about throwing a bit of my money at someone and getting something that's a total surprise in return. Is it just me??

Today the mystery item(s) we're looking at are the ones I got in a recent Born Pretty Store 99¢ mystery pack. I usually pick up a mystery pack with every order I make at BPS. They sometimes have mystery stamping plate sets, mystery packs (like this), mystery decal sets... All sorts of things! They usually cost between 99¢ and $2 so it's not like they break the bank, either.

The pack I'm sharing here was one of the Three Items Lucky Bag Secret Gift Packs and I've added the link just there in case you decide you want to pick one up for yourself after reading this post. ;)

So let's open it up! 

So the first item I got was a sheet of wave-y swirly water decals. I couldn't find them on the site so I'm guessing this is a past product that they're trying to get rid of (which tends to be what gets put in the mystery packs, shock). They're simple and I'll probably use them, so they're a win!

Next up is more water decals, this time butterfly shaped. I think these would be fun to use for leadlighting this summer so yeah, I'll probably use them too. :) I couldn't find these ones on the site either so we'll assume they're discontinued.

And the last item is a role of black striping tape! DEFINITELY a win! I don't think I own any black, and it's definitely a colour I can use. :) Very pleased!

Overall I'm definitely happy. 99¢ well spent! Haha!

Water decals are definitely a staple in sets like this from BPS, since as I said above I think this is how they try to get rid of old products that won't/aren't selling. In other packs in the past I've also got a stamping plate as one of my items, and some full nail decals and guides. So it's really a total mystery what you are going to get!

If you want to try your luck with a pack you can get the Three Item Lucky Bag Secret Gift Pack for 99¢ here. :)

I thought this would be a fun post to share as I assumed there would be other people out there like me who love seeing what kind of products come in mystery packs. Are posts like these something you would like to see more of? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Some nice things you got in this lucky bag.

  2. Definitely like these type of posts and can wait to see a follow up with a mani using the decals.

  3. Those butterfly decals are pretty :)

  4. I love seeing what you get in the mystery bags! I've been tempted by them several time, esp. the stamping plates one, but I have so many from them that I am sure I'd get doubles.


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