ProcrastiNails: Guest Post from Miranda Loves // Worth the Splurge!

Hello everyone!

My name is Miranda, from Miranda Loves and I would first like to thank Katherine for hosting me for this month’s guest post theme “Worth the Splurge”. A lot of things are worth the splurge to me, and I found it quite difficult to narrow it down. The one thing I left out was skincare because there’s just WAY too much for me to talk about that I might as well save it for an actual skincare post.

So here goes 🙂

1) A quality perfume that you know you will always wear. There’s nothing worse than buying a perfume, that you are only able to wear once in a while because it’s either too strong, too overwhelming or just not day-appropriate. I came across Jo Malone fragrances 3 years ago when I was in Tokyo at a department store, they had a beautiful cream and black marble counter and space, that you could smell and see a mile away. The fragrances were subtle yet unique. It’s not something you smell and immediately think, oh! That’s D&G Light Blue. After a thorough consultation, I picked up English Pear and Freesia and have worn it every day since. One spray is all you need, and it’ll last you a day. It’s truly beautiful. Every time I smell it now, it takes me back to my amazing getaway in Asian for a month 3 years back 🙂

2) Makeup Brushes – I picked up a few of these brushes on my trip to Tokyo as well. The brand is Hakuhodo, and the pink set (my most coveted set) was a limited edition one that was out during the holiday season that you can’t find anymore now. The bristles are baby soft yet picks up the perfect amount of pigment. You truly feel the difference of the makeup application when you use the appropriate brushes. You feel how much easier it is and how effortless it can be. While these seem expensive, you have to consider the process behind it. These are handcrafted by Japanese artisans and depending on which brush you get, will contain different hairs, etc. With proper care, these babies will last you a VERY long time. My pink ones are now 3 years old, and still look perfect in condition. They will be at IMATS Toronto this year for those of you who are going, be sure to check it out! Again, there are different qualities and materials for each brush, so please don’t just pick one up and gasp at how pricey it is.. make sure you take a look at everything and pick up 1-2. it’s not that bad!

The bottom all black brush is actually a Wayne Goss brush, also crafted by Japanese artisans and it is VERY similar to the Hakuhodo one right above it. So yes, either try out Hakuhodo at IMATS Toronto, or order Wayne Goss ones from Beautylish 🙂

3) Good Foundation and base – whether you like the two that I LOVE listed below, or you have your own quality foundation, remember, foundation is essentially what sits on your face all day after you put on your primer/lotion. The wrong one can lead to skin irritations and problems, so make sure you find a good foundation for your own skin situation. I’ve had a foundation completely make my skin break out before and it was quite saddening. I’m not saying department luxury store foundations are better than drugstore brands, I’m simply saying, find one that is right for you.

4) Hair Care  – having battled extreme hair loss in University, it has been a mission of mine to find good quality haircare products. The Graydon Hair Smoothie is something I massage into my scalp and since then, I have tons of baby hairs growing out. Another thing I use is the New! Lush solid hair shampoo bar which has also promoted my hair growth. ( I think I will do an in depth post later on my blog so check back if you’re interested). The Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment gives you beautiful volume and smooths out your hair and the flex shaping hairspray keeps your hair where you want it, without the strong crunchy hardness (ew).

What have been some of your splurges?! I’d love to find out! Thanks again Katherine for hosting me!

XO, Miranda.

Thanks so much Miranda, you have some great splurge-worthy products in this post! If you want you can also check out Miranda on instagram, twitter, bloglovin, facebook and pinterest! And don’t forget to check out the posts from the other wonderful ladies in the CBB linky below! And you can check out my own guest post on real gold top coats over at Workaday Beauty! 
– Katherine

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