ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: Revlon’s Indie-esque Polishes – Whimsical and Girly!

So I’ve been eyeing these two polishes up for a while but I hate hate hate paying drug store prices because things are so marked up. But last week luck was with me because not only were Revlon polishes on sale, but they had both Whimsical (the blue glitter jelly) and Girly (the pink glitter jelly) in stock! So finally these two lovelies are mine!

(Also, I’m introducing a new feature with my glitter swatches starting today …. macros! \o/)

I think the main reason I was drawn to these was because they remind me a lot of the popular indie polishes that are around right now. By that I mean that they’re coloured jellies with a bunch of glitter thrown in. I’m still sad the mainstream brands aren’t picking up on this look, and since I haven’t jumped into buying indie polishes (yet) this is as close as I’ll get for now.


Revlon Whimsical is a light blue jelly with three sizes of hex glitters in light blue and light pink, and a few medium and small hex glitters in silver. This polish goes on very sheer as you can see, but it’s good if you’re going for a subtle look. Pictured here is three coats plus top coat.

I think that Whimsical is the perfect name for this polish… It’s airy and dreamy and soft with that hint of something extra. 🙂

Macro shot of Whimsical


Revlon Girly is a light pink jelly base packed with peach, fuschia, deep violet, light purple and light pink hex glitters in three sizes. When I say this polish is packed with glitter, I mean it’s PACKED. There is no trouble at all getting a generous covering of glitter on the nails with each coat, as you can see here. Pictured here is three coats with top coat, but if you don’t mind it being a bit more sheer you could totally get away with one or two coats as you’re running out of the house. Lovely!

I think we can all see why they named this polish Girly… It’s pink and purple and sparkly and fun. Even though I don’t like adhering to social constructs of gender (did you know that pink was originally seen as a masculine colour and was worn by boys, where blue was worn by girls?) I’ll let it slide this time. :p

Macro shot of Girly

And that’s it for today! Thanks for visiting, lovelies! xx

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