ProcrastiNails: Swatches // Ciaté London 2016 Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar: Day 1 to 8

Ciaté London 2016 Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

Happy Holidays everyone!! I’m getting back into the swing of things now that the holidays are pretty much over, and today I have a post to share with you that I’ve been excited about for a while!

This post took way longer to get going than I expected but I can say that I am finally here to share with you the first round of swatches from the 2016 Ciaté London Advent Calendar! I’m going to do these in bursts of 8 swatches at a time so it should only take me 3 posts to share all of them with you. 🙂

I’m opening them as I’m swatching them so I haven’t actually opened the whole calendar yet, but so far from what I can see I’m already more pleased with the selection in the calendar this year than I was the last time I swatched it from 2014. So much variety, and the shades are really lovely.

And just for reference: all polishes are swatched with one coat of Ciaté London Gelology Top Coat for extra gloss. 🙂

Enough chit chat! Let’s dig in!

To start with let’s take a quick look at what the packaging looks like, just so you can see more of the theme that Ciaté London decided to go with this year.

Ciaté London 2016 Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

Very elegant! I love the purple + gold theme, and that drawing is too cute.

Now let’s get to the polish!