Shopping Roundup // My April + May 2017 Polish Hauls

by - Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sometimes (okay, a LOT of times) I buy polishes that I intend to share over here immediately, which then somehow just... fall to the wayside. You know what I mean? I'm SURE I'm not the only person guilty of this.

In the interest of not letting these beauties get hidden away in my Helmers before being shared with the world, I've decided that periodically I'm going to do quick little round-up posts (well, little as long as it was a slow polish month) from time to time to show you what I've ordered or (impulse) bought.

So let's get into all my pretties! Including recent impulse purchases, my April Polish Pickup Pack polishes, and some new-to-me indies.

Cirque Colors Cerrillos

So I don't know if you heard but Cirque Colors recently changed their logo, and to put it nicely I'm not the biggest fan of the new logo. Because of that when I saw Harlow & Co. was having a sale of polishes with the old logo I knew it was time to pick some up.

Cirque Colors We Trippy

Cirque Colors Fascination Street

Envy Lacquer Mystery Prototype Polish

Envy Lacquer Alnitak

Envy Lacquer Fire Nebula

Envy Lacquer Flakie Way

Essie Carousel Coral

Pretty & Polished Meet Me At the Fishing Hole

Pretty & Polished Maleficium

Pretty & Polished No One Fights Alone

This one was included as a free gift as my shipping took a bit longer than expected - it was a really nice surprise from P&P!

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly (Solar)

They had some solar polishes from Ruby Wing at Winners one day so I decided to pick a couple up to see how I like them. This one goes neon lime green to a burnt orange.

Ruby Wing Summer Love (Solar)

And this one goes from neon orange to a reddish brown. :)

Zoya Ginessa

This one I ordered because the name of one of my cats is 'Essa' and I wanted a polish to represent her (for a post that still hasn't gotten done, haha....)!

April Polish Pickup Order

April was the first month for the Polish Pickup and the theme was 'Famous Works of Art.' I picked up three polishes:

  • Le Polish Number 30 
  • Contrary Polish Femmes au Puits 
  • Chirality Polish A Lot of Circles (which I have already swatched here)

And that's my shopping from April and May! As you can probably tell from the fact that this post didn't actually get up until July, it's unlikely you will see swatches of these polishes for a while.

But if there are any that you would like me to push myself to get out, please let me know. :)

The Polish Pickup shades are at the top of my list to swatch first, and then I want to try the solar polishes from Ruby Wing. But let me know what you want to see!

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. All of the polishes you picked up look awesome! Can't wait to see them swatched.


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