ProcrastiNails: Today I Learned… About Nail Growth!

So my online nail tech program through TAOND is going really well so far, though I’m not moving through it as quickly as I would like to. (Due, ironically, to procrastination! Errrr…. Self-care? Haha.) I’m trying to retain as much knowledge as I can and one of the best ways to remember things you’ve learned is to explain and share them with others. So that’s what I’m planning: quick and cute bite-sized posts that will both keep you up-to-date with my learning process and let me solidify the things I’m learning.

Right now I’m learning about human & nail anatomy (which isn’t easy since I haven’t taken a science course since grade 10). On top of the diagrams and science we spent some time taking down some myths (Those white spots on your nails? Probably from trauma to your nail plate or matrix, not from nutrient deficiencies!) and also translating info into bite sized facts that we can use to engage clients. Such as…

5 Facts About Nail Growth:

  1. Your nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.  
  2. If you have chronic stress or fatigue you might notice your nails growing more slowly.
  3. Your dominant hand grows faster than your non-dominant hand.
  4. The fastest growth is on your middle finger, and the slowest is your thumb.
  5. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails, except during pregnancy when women experience a boost in metabolism and circulation which promotes nail growth.

A lot of these facts can be attributed to the fact that just like any other part of your body your nails rely on energy and nutrients (let’s call these “Good Things”) to be sent their way to grow. It’s been theorised that growth is stimulated by small or daily trauma to the nails (basically the result of using your digits and nails for things like working, typing, tapping, etc.) which prompts the body to send more of these Good Things their way to help them recover from the trauma. More use = more trauma = more growth! But if you’re sick or under strain your body might be drawing those Good Things away to more vital parts of your body which could impact your nail growth.

So it seems the trick to healthy nails is to be active and take care of yourself… Who would’ve guessed it? 😉 You can also tell a lot about your health by your nails, though that’s not an area I’m too familiar with (yet).

I tried hard to keep this short so I’ll cut us off here. Feel free to share any of your own facts or tips in the comments!

Thanks for visiting!! xx