ProcrastiNails: Guest Post // Neutral Dots by Sarah from Workaday Beauty

From Katherine: Hey dolls! I’m on vacation for the next week so a few of my fellow wonderful bloggers have stepped up to share some looks with you while I’m gone! First up is the fabulous Sarah whose blog is an awesome mix of beauty and nails! Check her out and then give her some love! xx 

Hello lovely ProcrastiNails readers, Sarah from Workaday Beauty here. Katherine was looking for some guest posters, and we both share a love of nail polish (and tea), so I thought I’d send a simple nail art look to help her out.

I normally reach for fun and colourful nail polish, but I needed a classic and subtle look recently. I happened to find a pair of Nails Inc shades in the clearance bin at the drugstore that fit this style perfectly, and here they are today.

I started with 2 coats of Nails Inc in Porchester Square. This is a beige neutral shade that manages to look very subtle, but also compliments my cool toned skin. I find most neutrals to be too warm for me, but this is really nice.

To add some interest and make this an actual nail art look, I added a trio of dots on each nail using Nails Inc in The Thames. This is a medium gray shade that is really gorgeous.

I really love how classic yet modern this look is. It’s perfect for a professional setting, but isn’t boring. The nail art component is simple enough that almost anyone can do it.

I want to thank Katherine for letting me share my nail art on her blog today, and I hope all you regular readers enjoy it.

From Katherine: Thank you so much Sarah!! I really love a good neutral mani, and this one would be perfect for a number of different occasions! 🙂 If you want to see more of Sarah be sure to check out her blog and follow her on instagram, facebook and twitter! xx