ProcrastiNails: Nail Art // The 31 Day Challenge 2014 – Day 15: Delicate Lace Stamping

Today’s theme for The 31 Day Challenge is Delicate Print. I decided to go fairly simple and did some lace stamping with some Konad designs. I feel like this fill is a bit of a palette cleanser considering the bold and/or bright designs I’ve been doing recently. Sometimes it feels nice to slow it down and use some nice soft neutrals, don’t you agree? 🙂

My base for this look is Sinful Colors Easy Going which I then stamped with two designs from Konad plate m57 and Konad White Stamping Polish. I made a little smudge which was unfortunate, but I’m sure before I mentioned it you didn’t even notice. I was going to add some crystals or colour or more stamping, but then I pulled back and looked at it and decided simple was best for today.

Lace looks are always what immediately comes to mind when I think of “delicate,” but some of the other ladies participating in the challenge are a bit more creative than me so you can see what they decided to do with the prompt below: 

Stamping has been fighting me for a while, so to be able to get this look together and looking pretty good was a motivator for me. There might just be some more stamping explored in the latter half of this challenge now that I have my rhythm back!

Thanks for visiting, let me know what you think!