Nail Art: Watermarble for #31DC2016 // Gold Accented Skittle Marble

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

* Contains Press Samples

A skittle marble is a thing, right?! Haha. If not it is now! I tried to stick with the same handful of colours across all my nails and blended each set of colours separately (obvs). My favourite ended up being my pointer finger but I think they're all fun! What do you think, do you have a fav? :)

So I still haven't fully gotten the hang of watermarbling... This was my best attempt after MULTIPLE tries and I decided to hide some of my not-so-amazing work with some gold stamping. Make it shiny and no one will notice, right?! :) 

My marbling was done with a whole bunch of Ceramic Glaze shades and my stamping was with Mundo de Unas Gold and a plate from Nicole Diary.

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  1. What a gorgeous design! Love the marbling effect and the gold is such a beautiful touch! xo


  2. What a cool look! I like that it's cohesive but every nail is an indivudual. :)

  3. The flashes of gold on this watermarble take it to the next level!

  4. so creative!


  5. Very pretty water marble love the stamping over it.


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