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by - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Hello loves! Did you know that MoYou London releases nail art kits that include everything you need to learn to stamp? And that if you're in Canada you can now pick them up at Trade Secrets? They are themed based on a number of collections that MoYou London produces too, which is super fun!

I own a couple of these and today I'm showing you my newest lovely: The MoYou London Steampunk Collection Starter Kit! STEAMPUNK! Isn't that amazingly fun? I think so! Check under a cut for a look at what's included in the kit and how it measures up. :)

So all of MoYou London's starter kits contain a number of products: a stamping polish, a plate, a scraper, a stamper, and a guide book. It's all bundled up in this cute little themed package! The Steampunk Collection Starter Kit contains:

  • MoYou London Nail Lacquer in Maroon
  • MoYou London Steampunk Collection Plate 02
  • A squishy rectangular stamper 
  • A scraper themed with the Steampunk Collection poster girl
  • An instruction manual 

Basically everything you need, really! I love the scrapers from MoYou London because they are firm and scrape well, and they clean off in a snap with some polish remover or acetone without warping the card.

MoYou London Steampunk Collection Plate 02

The Steampunk Collection Plate 02 is one of the regular sized image plates (as it has three rows of images - their XL plates only have two rows and the images are slightly larger for longer nails). They're 1.2 x 1.5 cm so if it's your first time ordering from MoYou London make sure you choose the plate size that will fit your nail best!

All stamping plates come with a blue film on them to protect them (seen above), so you have to make sure to peel that off before you try to use it!

This plate has all sorts of gears, cogs compasses and clocks for you to stamp on your nails. You could do a steampunk look, something inspired by time or racing or even Alice in Wonderland if you were creative. :)

MoYou London Stamping Polish in Maroon

I wouldn't really call this polish maroon, even though that is it's name. It's more of a dusky rose in my opinion.

Is this the first colour that comes to mind when I think of steampunk? Not at all. I would expect maybe a silver or copper or some other metallic shade. I don't mind though, because I don't have any other stamping polish this shade and as you can see it works amazingly over both black and white. :)

You can use it as a stamping polish or if you need a super opaque polish you can also use it on it's own. Normally that's not recommended with stamping polishes, but I've never had issues with MoYou London's stamping polishes messing up my nails at all and until I do I'll continue using them for both base coats and stamping. And that's all I have to say about that! Haha

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a nail art design that I put together using the products from this box. I would have added it to this post but I thought that would make it too long, so you can consider this part one of a mini series, I guess!

MoYou London products are available in Canada from Trade Secrets and if you want you can pick up the entire Steampunk Collection Starter Kit for $29.95 CAD (which is honestly an awesome price for everything you get).  And TradeSecrets.ca has free shipping, too! Check out their entire MoYou London section for a look at the full line of products they carry.

MoYou London is one of my all-time favourite brands for stamping products and I'm so happy that it's getting easier to get them in Canada these days. :) If you're interested in that steampunk-y vibe you should definitely pick this set up!

Have you tried many products from MoYou London? What do you think? 

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow! xx

You can visit Trade Secrets in store or online for a variety of beauty and nail products available in Canada! You can also visit them on facebook, twitter and instagram

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  1. Looks like a pretty nice starter kit for someone new to stamping.

  2. I love Moyou London plates. I have my eye on the Literary collection.

  3. What a great kit! I've seen their emails about these, while I haven't picked up a kit, I do own and love many of their plates!

  4. Ohh, that is a really cool plate! I'm not into stamping, but I might have to try free handing some of those patterns!

  5. I am loving the shade of that polish! That plate is a lot of fun too! I'm just not one who stamps.

  6. I think I need some plates from this series!

  7. I love my MoYou plates, but not so much their stampers. I am curious to try their crystal stamper, though!


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