ProcrastiNails: My Julep Maven (May 2015) Customized MyMaven Box Unboxing, Swatch and Review!

My May 2015 Maven Box with Get in Line, Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home and Julep Denise

I need to apologize because I’ve been sitting on this post for a while but real life got the best of me! Can you believe my Julep Maven box for May actually arrived at the end of April? Julep’s gotten so much better at their delivery times! Wow!

Today I have a look at the unboxing and swatches from my May 2015 Customized Julep Maven box. The theme this month was the nautical Set Sail Collection and unfortunately the colours didn’t jump out at me so I only picked up one new shade – Julep Denise. The good news is there were a few previous beauty products I’d wanted to get my hands on so this gave me an opportunity to pick them up. So let’s get right into it – check under the cut for the full unboxing!

Unboxing of my May 2015 Julep Maven Box

As previously mentioned the theme this month was Set Sail. There were some new lip shades and eye-shadow duos featured and all of the polishes were bright and bold for summer.

Unboxing of my May 2015 Julep Maven Box