My Julep Maven (May 2015) Customized MyMaven Box Unboxing, Swatch and Review!

by - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My May 2015 Maven Box with Get in Line, Don't Leave Your Brows at Home and Julep Denise

I need to apologize because I've been sitting on this post for a while but real life got the best of me! Can you believe my Julep Maven box for May actually arrived at the end of April? Julep's gotten so much better at their delivery times! Wow!

Today I have a look at the unboxing and swatches from my May 2015 Customized Julep Maven box. The theme this month was the nautical Set Sail Collection and unfortunately the colours didn't jump out at me so I only picked up one new shade - Julep Denise. The good news is there were a few previous beauty products I'd wanted to get my hands on so this gave me an opportunity to pick them up. So let's get right into it - check under the cut for the full unboxing!

Unboxing of my May 2015 Julep Maven Box

As previously mentioned the theme this month was Set Sail. There were some new lip shades and eye-shadow duos featured and all of the polishes were bright and bold for summer.

Unboxing of my May 2015 Julep Maven Box

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." - Amelia Earhart

The free gifts were once again candy (this time salt water taffy) which kind of went along with the theme.

Coupon codes:
  • SPRINGFUN for one free polish with your next order of $15+, two uses per customer.

Now, let's get into the products I picked up this month. First up...

Julep Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner

Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner

Julep Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner  
Price: $16 ($12.18 Maven) for 1.20 g 
Availability: Julep 
Description: A clear, waterproof lip liner that works with any lip color or gloss. Glides on without tugging, creates an invisible barrier to lock in lip color, prevents fading, bleeding, and feathering, lasts for 7+ hours.

I was really excited about this product, but unfortunately it fell a bit flat. The idea is that it's an invisible lip liner you can wear with any shade of lipstick or gloss and since I've recently started wearing more lipstick I've been looking for something exactly like this. The first issue I had was that the cap was almost impossible to get off, and then when I applied it the tip was so soft that it kind of smooshed onto my lip. It also seemed to have small hard flaky particles that came off and got stuck to my lip (ew). Ultimately I didn't notice much difference when I wore this with lipstick vs. when I wore the lipstick on it's own so I probably won't use this again. :( Bummer.

Julep Don't Leave Your Brows at Home 
All-in-One Brow Powder & Brush in Cool Brown

Don't Leave Your Brows at Home in Cool Brown

Julep Don't Leave Your Brows at Home All-in-One Brow Powder and Brush in Cool Brown 
Price: $24 ($19.20 Maven) 
Availability: Julep  
Description: Everything you need to fill in and define your brows. This two-in-one tool includes brow powder and an angled brush. The tapered brush allows for precise application, long-lasting formula glides on like a gel, dries to a powder, and holds like a wax. Travel-friendly design takes up less room in your makeup bag.

I loooooove this product. Seriously. I haven't left home without it since I got it. I have never used anything for my eyebrows before but I have been converted!

Basically what you have is an angled brush on one end and then then other end twists off to show you a pot of a creamy gel that both shades in your eyebrow and holds down any loose hairs. I've heard this compared a lot to Anastasia DipBrow if that means anything to anyone (I've never tried it so I'm just passing on the word). It fills in my brows just enough to look good and it's amazingly easy to use. The hardest part was choosing which shade I needed, and to do that I used this handy chart provided by Julep...

Colour Chart for Julep's Don't Leave Your Brows at Home

It took me a long time to decide where I fell on this chart. I have brown hair and medium skin but I couldn't decide if I was warm or cool. To find out if you lean warm or cool Julep suggests to: "Look at the veins in your wrist. If they’re bluish, you have cool undertones. If they’re greenish, you have warm undertones." Ultimately I went with Cool Brown, and this is what it looked like with my skin:

Swatch of Cool Brown

Obviously you can't tell how this matched with my eyebrows from this picture, but you can trust me when I say it's the perfect shade. :) Perfect shade + perfect application = happy Julep customer!

Julep Denise

Swatch of Julep Denise

Julep Denise 
Price: $14 ($11.20 Maven) for 8mL  
Availability: Julep 
Colour Profile: Bombshell
Description: Purple crocus crème
Finish: Crème

And now we get to the one polish shade I picked up this month! I've been on a bit of a purple kick recently (possibly because I'm part of a wedding party in June and our colour for everything is purple) so when I saw Denise in the preview window I knew I had to have her. The colour is both vibrant and soft and I think it'll be a super fun shade for the summer! Pictured here is two coats without top coat.

Swatch of Julep Denise

Even though I was disappointed with the invisible lip liner I feel my love for the other two products in this box made up for it. :) I am 100% in love with my eyebrows now and honestly if you've been looking for a brow product but didn't know what to get I would wholeheartedly recommend Julep's Don't Leave Your Brows at Home line. You won't regret it!

About the Julep Maven Program: The Julep Maven program costs $24.99 a month and is fully customizable, or you can pre-pay for 3 months and receive each box for $19.99. You can also upgrade to the Maven Luxe program for $39.99 a month ($34.99/mo if you pre-pay for 3 months) which entitles you to a fully customizable box plus one additional product per month. And you can skip or send to a friend whenever you want!

What are your thoughts on the box for May? Do you think you want to give any of these products a try? Let me know! :)

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  1. The polish is pretty. I've only tried one julep before and wasn't a fan, and for the price I'm afraid to try again lol

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Such a bummer about the lip liner, it sounds like that could have been really useful! Denise looks absolutely stunning on you!

  4. That stinks with the lip liner because it sounds like such a good idea. The nail color is super pretty, though!

  5. That is a really gorgeous polish!

  6. Such a bummer about the lip liner! I've been meaning to try something like that for a while but haven't found one that I am really sure it works yet.

  7. The polish shade is pretty and it looks lovely on you. I cancelled my Maven sub box a year ago and have not really wanted to renew it yet.

  8. That polish is gorgeous! I love that shade of purple!

  9. I'm not a fan of Julep at all but Denise is quite the pretty shade of purple!!

  10. Looks like a pretty nice box.


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