ProcrastiNails: Review and #BathArt // Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

I have a slightly different post to share with you today, and I hope you like it! I’m a sucker for Lush products and there are never less than four bath bombs or bubble bars waiting for me to use at my apartment. I’m obsessed! There is just nothing better than a good bubble bath after a long day, in my opinion. 🙂 So today we’re taking a quick look at Lush’s Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb!

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb with white and orange fizz

I assume everyone knows what a bath bomb is but just in case you don’t I’ll let you know that it’s a magical ball of goodness that you drop in the bath to release scents and moisturizing oils and fizzyness. 🙂 You put the whole thing in, and I really wouldn’t recommend trying to cut it or break it apart unless you want a huge mess on your hands. If you’re looking for something you can use more than once I’d suggest looking at the bubble bars instead!

Okay, so let’s get into it!

Review of Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb with white and orange fizz

You start with a baseball sized powdery pink ball with some small spots of pink and yellow and some fruit loop-looking larger pieces of green and yellow sticking out here and there. At this point the scent is really subtle, fruity with a hint of floral.

And then we drop it in the bath!

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb fizzing in the water

Fizz fizz! At this point as it melts it is entirely white with some of the coloured pieces starting to poke through more as you can see below:

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb half melted

But then as you keep melting it in the bath, swirls of orange start to come out…

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb fizzing in the water with orange and white

And that’s because there’s an orange popping core in the middle! Yes, I said popping. As this bath bomb fizzles away in the tub it eventually starts POPPING! Like actual sounds of fireworks going off under the bathwater! I was so startled! Haha.

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb melted away to show the orange middle

Look at that bright and vibrant orange goodness!

Once it’s fully fizzed away in your bath you’re left with suds of
white and orange with yellow water underneath, and the water is PACKED
WITH GOLD GLITTER. The glitter didn’t follow on my skin when I got out
of the bath, but it did leave a glittery rim on my tub that needed to be
rinsed off. Worth it? Worth it!

The full scent of this
bath bomb is very fruity and floral, as I mentioned earlier. Lush says
the scent I’m smelling is a “sherbet-y citrus scent of lemon and
bergamot” so let’s go with that.

Bath Art with Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

And here’s my contribution to Lush’s #BathArt trend… Basically it’s a picture of the designs that come out in on the water after you use a bath bomb (or two or three). Look at the swirls! Reminds me of a creamsicle. 🙂

So that’s it for today! Have you tried the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb? Are you as obsessed with Lush as I am? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting! xx