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by - Saturday, August 06, 2016

Time for another fun Winners find! This time with a brand I've never tried before: Illamasqua! Such a fun mouth-feel from saying that word... Illamaaasssqqquuuaaaa! Sephora used to carry this brand up until 2014, and as far as I know you can't actually get this brand in Canada anymore. So hooray for Winners getting in random stock! :) I have two shades that I grabbed that I'm able to show you today: Venous and Creator! Let's get to the swatches!

Illamasqua Venous

First up we have Illamasqua Venous which is a deep turquoise creme polish. It applied with zero issues and was fully opaque with two coats (though if you do thicker coats than I do you might be able to get away with one). The formula was a bit thick but I think that's probably because of the age and the less-than-stellar care that people give nail polish at Winners... A little polish thinner fixed it right up. :) 

It's not an especially unique shade, but I really like it. Next to a deep plum this is my second favourite shade to wear in the fall! So it's timely! 

Illamasqua Creator

The more interesting of the two is this lovely - Illamasqua Creator. It's a black jelly polish that is PACKED with silver glitter. There's also a wee bit of scattered holo glitter in this one, but it's next to nothing and is only visible occasionally in the right light. If you look really closely you can see bit of the colour flashes in these pics, but it's not as obvious as some other scattered holo glitters I've got in my collection. Oh well, still lovely!

This one took three coats to properly build up but that's because the base is a bit sheer at first, but it builds up really nicely. And the more layers the more depth you get with a polish like this so I don't mind. :) 

So this picture was a shock! I never would have guessed the glitter was tiny bar glitter! What! I would have thought it was tiny hex glitter, but apparently I know nothing! Huh!

See, from a distance you never would have guessed Creator had bar glitter, would you? I like it!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with both of these shades and a bit bummed that they aren't available here anymore. I've already used Venous in nail art once and I can see myself using Creator as the base for a galaxy mani in the future, so I feel these polishes will get a fair bit of use from me. :)

Have you ever tried Illamasqua polishes? What did you think of them? I'd love to hear! 

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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  1. Both colors are nice. I really like Venous a ton.

  2. Creator looks so cool!! I bet these two polishes would look amazing in some nail art together too!

  3. Wow Creator is stunning! I love how the glitter pay off is so nice and even. Beautiful swatches and photos xx

  4. Oh woooow Creator! I want it! It is sooooo pretty!


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