Nail Art // Slightly Inappropriate Nails for School Librarian Day

by - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Nail art for School Librarian Day April 4

Oh no I already fell behind a day. :( It's because I decided to go to the movies yesterday rather than finish writing up this post... I will own up to that! Haha.

Today I'm sharing my nails for School Librarian Day which was on the 4th. In my head this was just "Librarian Day" which is why the nails I ended up with aren't quite appropriate for school haha. I wanted to do a faux-hardcore kind of logo for this one to practice my lettering skills and this is what I ended up with. :)

Check out more under the cut!

Read or Die nail art for School Librarian Day

I started with a base of spring green China Glaze Be More Pacific and then added some blocking on top with Quo by ORLY Daydreamer on my outside nails. I covered all of my green with a layer of iridescent China Glaze Travel in Colour and then did all my detail work with black acrylic paint. The glasses are little water decals from Born Pretty Store!

Nail art that says Read or Die for School Librarian Day

My lettering was done on my nail mat and then turned into a decal!

Nail art featuring eyeglasses from water decals

Nail art for School Librarian Day

Would I wear these to school if I was a librarian? Probably not. But they're still fun! They're a bit cheeky and bold just like the few friends I have who are librarians in real life, and I think I was inspired a bit by their personalities when I put these nails together.

Let me know what you think! :)

30 Days of Colour Challenge for April 2016 Prompts

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  1. I like those glasses design here.

  2. Cute! I cannot think of anything for "School Librarian Day" nail art, but you did!

  3. These are so fun! What a great idea. I would only be able to come up with books- lol

  4. I'm fairly sure I've actually said "read or die" to my kids...

  5. What is this Quo by Orly?! I've never heard of this. Loving this mani though!

  6. Haha that's funny! Love the colors, too, they are so fresh!

  7. LOL, I love how this is slightly ominous!


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