30 Days of Colour [Day 18: Chrome/Metallic] Sally Hansen Color Foil Cobalt Chrome

by - Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back in the game! I'm jumping back into the 30 Days of Colour Challenge with my fill for day 18! Today the theme was 'Chrome/Metallic' and I decided to go with one of the Sally Hansen Color Foils I recently picked up. The Color Foils were Sally Hansen's newest entry to the chrome game last year when all the mainstream lines were releasing chromes. The colour I'm swatching today is called Cobalt Chrome.

Cobalt Chrome was the only true blue in the Color Foils release and as you can see the colour is quite vibrant. It took three layers to get full coverage and as is common with chromes I found I had to 'float' the last two layers when I applied them (using a bit more polish than usual and spreading it without pressing down) so that I didn't end up with bald spots.

A true chrome polish has a mirror-like metallic finish from a distance (as you can see in close-up it looks more like a shimmer than a 'mirror') and they tend to be a pain in the a** to apply. Thankfully Cobalt Chrome didn't leave many strokes when it dried and it actually went on pretty evenly. Good job Sally Hansen!

Does this chrome polish look like a blue mirror on my nails? Not really. But I still think it's a fun look! My only regret with the Color Foil polishes I own is that I got most of them on clearance and so the bottles have had a bit of a rough life... Oh well, it's what's inside the bottle that counts!

Here's a look at the other fills for today's prompt:

How did you feel about the chrome phase from last year? Which brand has your fav chromes? I'd love to hear. :) 

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  1. I only managed to get a couple of these second hand but I really want the rest! It is so hard to find drug store polishes where I live as I am over 30 miles from the nearest drug store.

  2. buying a perfect shade has never been easy for me. I buy lot of shades and then find out not the right one for me. My husband often teases me that i could lot of money simply by not buying any of these shades. Anyways i have never tried cobalt blue shade. Looks pretty. I would definitely try it out.


  3. You applied this so beautifully! I find these so difficult to work with..

  4. I have a few of these! They're beautiful, and this color looks great for you!!


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