ProcrastiNails: Summer Nubbin’!

I am back from my wonderfully relaxing vacation, and I have a handful of posts waiting to be put together to share with you… I have not one, but TWO Resort Collections to share with you that I swatched while on my trip (can you guess the brands?) and I also have this lovely post filled with the manicures I did for my wonderful travel companion Nadine while we were out enjoying the sun and ocean and cocktails! As you can see her nails are wee nubbins that I love, so it took me a while to get the nail care/polishing routine down for nails of this size. But practice makes perfect, right? 🙂 Let’s take a closer look!

The first day we were there I tried my hand at an… outline mani? Is that what we’re calling this? I thought it was a ruffian mani until I looked it up and saw those usually don’t go all the way down to the free edge. Terminology is hard! Either way, this is one technique I really need to practice.

Anyway, this bright look was made with a base of Sinful Colors Easy Going, and then I filled it in (quasi-successfully) with Sinful Colors Rise & Shine. I like bringing Sinful Colors travelling with me because they’re pretty but so cheap that if I lose/break them I can easily replace them.

Once Nadine decided she wanted a change we took that mani off and tried our hand at a a distressed mani. She was very adamant about wanting pink on her nails, but since the only pinks I had on hand were neons I convinced her to let me do this type of look using pinks as an accent rather than the main shade. We used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Black on Black as the neutrals, and the pinks are Color Club All That Razz and Poptastic.

The third design seemed to be Nadine’s favourite from the trip… She couldn’t stop talking about it after we had changed it out! It was a super simple combo of Sinful Colors Black on Black with a Sinful Colors All About You (3 coats) accent nail, and Sinful Colors Pride on the thumb for a bit of extra pizzaz.

The last design was my personal favourite, even though I didn’t bring any nail art tools so I had to do the accent nail designs with a toothpick… I’d forgotten how hard it is to work with toothpicks!!! The majority of the nails have two coats of Julep Lani and the accent nail was again Sinful Colors Snow Me White with the designs in Sinful Colors Black on Black, Julep Lani and Julep Anita. Unfortunately the bottle of Seche Vite that I brought with me was almost done so after it dried this look had some shrinkage and the nails started peeling off. 🙁 So it didn’t even last a day, I don’t think.

Before all of this Nadine wasn’t really a nail person, but I can happily report that since she got home she has gone out to buy a bottle of one of the shades we played around with (Essie Find Me An Oasis) and painted her nails BEAUTIFULLY herself. (And this from a girl who said she used to buy a few bottles of polish, get bored of them, and then would  THROW THEM OUT IN THE GARBAGE. AFSLDKJ) Hopefully she says hooked and doesn’t go back to her evil ways, but we’ll see…

That’s it for today, but let me know what you think of the designs we did! I’m also curious to know if you bring nail polish on trips with you, and if so what kinds/colours!

Thanks for visiting!! xx