Swatch-It Sunday: OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Know what we haven't done in a while in these parts? Plain ol' swatches. I have so many untrieds and even more unswatched, so I'm really trying to get my butt in gear to get them up. Today we have swatches from a stunning 2012 duochrome - OPI Just Spotted the Lizard!

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard is from the The Amazing Spiderman Collection from 2012, and it's a stunning metallic duochrome/multichrome with shades of gold, green, teal, blue and copper. This polish took about three coats to even out, and as you can see you need to be careful with your brush strokes since they will be visible. Swatches do not have top coat.

I've heard this one is a dupe for Chanel Peridot but since that's not a polish I own I can't speak to it. If you do a quick google search you can see some comparisons, though. :) Either way this is a stunning polish and I'm shocked I don't wear it more often (I'd say only about 2-3 times since I bought it when it came out). This polish also looks awesome with a matte top coat as seen with these green colour blocking nails.

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  1. Such a gorgeous color! I might need to get mine out!

  2. Gorgeous! I've always wanted to get ahold of this one. :)

  3. wonderful colour, looks very good on your nails. I think it could be very good shad for autumn :)

  4. So pretty! I think I have a dupe for this, if not a dupe, close enough. I probably won't pick this up, but it is a great color to have!

  5. Amazing colour :D I have an inexpensive drugstore dupe and I love that one a lot too! (OPI is ridiculously expensive over here, so I have to make do with the dupe..) And I love the colour blocking you did, I remember it, it is awesome!

    1. Ouu, which brand is that, and where abouts are you?? I'm sure you have some other brands that we can't get over here, too! :) And thank you!


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