Swatch // OPI You Only Live Twice

by - Monday, February 01, 2016

Swatch of OPI You Only Live Twice

Hey hey, it's February and with a new month comes a new challenge! This month I'm taking part in a 14 day Valentine's nail challenge called The 14 Days of Valentines! I will theoretically be swatching V-Day type colours for you for the next 14 days... Do you think I can keep up? I'm not entirely sure myself! But I'll damn well try! Haha.

Swatch of OPI You Only Live Twice

Today I'm swatching a polish I've had for quite a while but have (shock) never used. OPI You Only Live Twice. This is a shade from the OPI Skyfall Collection from 2012 and was one of the only colours I picked up from the mix.

My one complaint about this polish? My camera HATED it. I can't even tell you the pains I went through to try to get an accurate colour shot. I had to alter these in photoshop to try to get them even slightly similar and in reality I would say it's still a slightly deeper raspberry shade than what you see here. It's gorgeous! I would call it a bloody raspberry shade, but that sounds morbid...

Macro of OPI You Only Live Twice

The base is a bright jelly and as you can see it's packed with teeny tiny flakies to add dimension and shimmer. I think this could be a great shade for a striking V-Day look, so I'm happy I chose it for my first swatch!

Check out the other looks below:

Let me know what you think! Would you rock this shade for the season?

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  1. WHOA this is gorgeous! I wished I had realized how pretty it was in 2012 and grabbed a bottle!

  2. I'm all about a deep bloody raspberry shade! So pretty, thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a pretty color that is.

  4. Oh wow this is a gorgeous polish!


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