ProcrastiNails: Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Nail File Design Competition! Vote for your favourite!

I got a very interesting email a couple of months ago from Design Glassware by Mont Bleu. (As you might remember they sent me a couple of items to review a few months back, and I loved them so much that I’ve been using their glass files exclusively since then.) The email said that they were planning to run a design competition amongst bloggers to create a new design for their Luxury line of crystal nail files. Life and procrastination (I mean self-care *cough*) meant that I put this off far longer than I meant to, but today I bring you my entries for this competition! And just so you know how much effort went into this – we weren’t given templates or anything, so these are entirely mocked up using photoshop and my own two hands!

The most important aspect of this competition is you – you need to vote for your favourite! So check under the cut for the poll, a better look at the designs, and more info about what’s involved in this contest (and what happens if we win!).

#1 – Peacock Flowers

This one was designed with the colours of peacock feathers in mind… What kind of nail artist/blogger doesn’t love peacocks, am I right? 🙂 I originally tried to stay true to the shape of an actual feather, but when that started to get to be too overwhelming for me (I’m not good at marking my layers in photoshop) I decided to go with this design instead. I think it’s fun and bold! That being said, I think I also took a lot of liberties with what would actually be realistically possible on a 135mm file… So this is one that would likely be edited down if it was selected as the winner, just so you know!

#2 – Ruby Red Joy

This design was actually created with my mom in mind. I wanted a bold design and I didn’t want it to come off as too delicate or feminine. This is the file for when you’re sitting down at the end of the day with a glass of red wine, digging the gardening dirt out from under your nails. Pretty yet durable!

#3 – Gradient Path

Compared to the other designs, I wanted something simple to finish off my entries so you would have a nice variety to vote on. I followed the general idea here from my Dotted Path mani but with a pink gradient incorporated. (Because who doesn’t love a good gradient!)

The Contest:
Mont Bleu asked bloggers to create three original designs using Swarovski Elements crystals for this competition. Once the three designs have been created, we are each to run a voting campaign amongst our readers to see which they like best. That’s where you come in, and the lovely little voting box at the bottom of this post. Once voting is done (on July 31st) I will send our #1 design in to Mont Bleu to be considered by their design team, as will ever other blogger involved. From those top designs their team will choose one to create and include in their Luxury line – the winning blogger will get the chance to name their design, 50pcs of their winning file, and a mosaic picture created with crystals. I focused more on creativity than reality with some of these, so keep in mind if one gets selected it will likely be edited by the design team to make it more feasible.

So now that you’ve heard what this is all about and checked out my designs, please take a minute and vote below for your favourite! The poll will run until 11pm on July 31st. And leave a comment indicating you’ve voted so that if we happen to win I can do a raffle from amongst the voters for a portion of the winning files.

Thanks for participating!! 🙂