ProcrastiNails: Art Deco Inspired Neon w/ Essie and Love & Beauty by Forever 21

I’ve seen a few people using the Love & Beauty by Forever 21 polishes on instagram, so when I was out shopping the other day I swung by to pick some up. At $2-$5 they’re really reasonable, and they had an amazing selection. Neons, cremes, glitters… And in interesting mixtures, too! I decided to pair the one neon I picked up with a few Essie shades and used my Julep Plié Wand Striping Brush to make a simple Art Deco-inspired design. Love!

My one complaint with the Love & Beauty line is that they don’t have names printed on them, though if you have time you can usually find the name on their website. For example: this particular bottle just says Neon Yellow on it, but from the website I’m guessing it’s High Voltage Yellow (though it could also be Neon Lush). And just like with a lot of neons to get the colour to come through properly you need to use white undies with it.
The other two shades I used for the designs were Essie Blanc and Essie Style Hunter, though now that it’s done I think I would’ve preferred using black instead of white. Hmm.

I need to work on getting a steadier hand for my striping techniques, but it’s not gonna get better unless I practice practice practice, right? 🙂 So let’s take this as practice and move onwards and upwards! 

I always like a good neon for the summer, and I bet a lot of you do, too! What’s your favourite or go-to neon? Does anyone have opinions on the new summer neon lines that OPI and Essie put out (neither of which I’ve tried yet)? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting!! xx