Art Deco Inspired Neon w/ Essie and Love & Beauty by Forever 21

by - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I've seen a few people using the Love & Beauty by Forever 21 polishes on instagram, so when I was out shopping the other day I swung by to pick some up. At $2-$5 they're really reasonable, and they had an amazing selection. Neons, cremes, glitters... And in interesting mixtures, too! I decided to pair the one neon I picked up with a few Essie shades and used my Julep Plié Wand Striping Brush to make a simple Art Deco-inspired design. Love!

My one complaint with the Love & Beauty line is that they don't have names printed on them, though if you have time you can usually find the name on their website. For example: this particular bottle just says Neon Yellow on it, but from the website I'm guessing it's High Voltage Yellow (though it could also be Neon Lush). And just like with a lot of neons to get the colour to come through properly you need to use white undies with it.

The other two shades I used for the designs were Essie Blanc and Essie Style Hunter, though now that it's done I think I would've preferred using black instead of white. Hmm.

I need to work on getting a steadier hand for my striping techniques, but it's not gonna get better unless I practice practice practice, right? :) So let's take this as practice and move onwards and upwards! 

I always like a good neon for the summer, and I bet a lot of you do, too! What's your favourite or go-to neon? Does anyone have opinions on the new summer neon lines that OPI and Essie put out (neither of which I've tried yet)? Let me know! 

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  1. What an interesting design. I love that yellow you used too, its so cheerful.

    1. It was so bright! The colours in this mani don't really compliment my skin tone, but it was still fun to do. :) Thanks!


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