ProcrastiNails: China Glaze Blobicure Nail Fail

Blobicure nail art nail fail with China Glaze nail polish

So I was digging through my back-stash of pictures trying to figure out what I wanted to share today when I came across these pictures from a few months ago. (I’m great when it comes to doing my nails and taking pictures – editing the pictures and writing the posts? Not so much.) Anyway, these are pictures from my first attempt at a blobicure – the process of painting a moderately thick base coat and then adding ‘blobs’ of other colours on top so they can spread out in the base polish and create neat organic looks.

I was in awe of all the turtle and giraffe looks that were going around when this trend first took off and decided to try it for myself… But the results were so horrible (to me) that aside from one lone picture on instagram I decided not to share them. But today I’ve decided to break my silence and share my results with you. Everything takes practice – this was my first attempt and you can’t expect Olympic level results on kindergarten level experience, right? (Not all the time, at least!)

Blobicure nail art with What Are You A-Freight Of?, Givers Theme, Metro Pollen-Tin and Flip Flop Fantasy

I decided to use entirely China Glaze polishes to play around with for this attempt. My base is What Are You A-Freight Of? with the blobs done in Givers Theme, Metro Pollen-Tin and Flip Flop Fantasy (the colour of which was completely sucked out in these pictures – boo). 

Blobicure nail fail nail art with China Glaze nail polish

I think part of my problem was that I let my base coat dry too much before I tried blobbing on my other colours, and then I didn’t make my blobs big enough. I think I was scared of the horrendously long time my mind was telling me it would take to dry if I did the technique properly!

Is this a technique I want to try again? Most definitely. I think it’s fun, and I love the way it looks when it’s done properly. 🙂

Have you ever tried a blobicure? How did it turn out? 

ALSO I want to express my annoyance at it being spelt “blobicure.” Every time I write it I use two b’s and write “blobbicure” – am I weird for wishing it was spelled that way? Argh! Haha.

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