Let's Party! Celebrating World Pride 2014 with Formula X!

by - Saturday, June 28, 2014

As you might or might not know I'm based out of Toronto, and currently we're hosting the celebrations for World Pride! So exciting. I haven't gotten out to any of the events yet but hopefully that will change this weekend. Tonight I was messing around with figuring out what kind of design I want to wear to Sunday's parade, and after a conversation with a friend I decided to try some flag gradients. Yay gradients!

This isn't my best work but it was still fun - and I did it using only shades from Formula X! Shows you how much variety there is in The Twenty-Two (which is on sale at Sephora right now!). I like how the white glitter topper (the ever-appropriate Wham!) makes it seem like a party! I debated keeping them just as gradients but that was boooooring.

I have a new heart-shaped hole punch so I'm probably going to integrate that into my actual Pride mani, so keep an eye out for that probably tomorrow. I'm also thinking about bringing some rainbow Sinful Colours shades to paint nails while my group is waiting to march... Rainbow nails for EVERYONE!

That's it for today, short and sweet and colourful. Does anyone know what each of these flags stands for (without looking it up on google)? Are you celebrating Pride in your community this month? Let me know! :)

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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  1. I like how you did gradients instead of straight lines for the flags. Also, I did google to see if my guess on two of the flags was right haha

    1. Which ones did you guess! (I had to look up a full chart to decide which ones I wanted to do, and to see which was actually for what before I started... shhh!) Haha.

    2. I knew the homo and bisexual ones (easy!) and had to guess the trans and asexual!

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