ProcrastiNails: These are a few of my favourite (polish) things…!

I have a bit of a different post lined up for you today. 🙂 I wanted to take some time to share some of my favourite polish-related things, since I think it’s nice to switch things up from just swatches and nail art from time to time. (Though don’t worry, I’ll be getting back to those soon enough!) This post covers 5 polish-related things I just can’t get enough of. If I come across a bottle that fits one of these categories? You can bet your buns that I’ll be planning to pick it up! Haha. 🙂

#5 – Mini Polish Bottles!
A selection of OPI, Color Club and Selene minis

Why I love them:
I don’t know what it is about mini bottles… I used to hate them and think of them as a waste of money. But I have since seen the error of my ways. Mini bottles are a great way to try out a bunch of shades you’re unsure of for a fraction of the price, and if you decide to get a full-sized bottle after then you’re not out that much $$ for having technically bought the shade twice! And if you find you don’t like the shade? You haven’t wasted your hard earned money on a full-size bottle that you would’ve never used. 🙂 Win-win! On top of that there’s just something so gosh darn cute about exact duplicates of full-sized bottles (caps, logos, bottle shape) but in tiny form.

#4 – Crellys Packed with Glitter!
Clockwise: Revlon Whimsical, Manhattan 71S, Revlon Girly, Hard Candy Sweet Tooth and Gummy Green

Why I love them:
Jelly and crelly polishes took me a while to warm up to, to be honest. I didn’t like that they needed undies or a bunch of layers to cover up my nail line. Then I learned the wonders of jelly sandwiches, and that raised my opinion of them. But it wasn’t until I got my first glitter-packed crelly that I was truly sold. It was like a jelly sandwich, but in a bottle already! It would layer both the glitter AND the base shade in one polish, and let both parts stand out individually! I haven’t looked back since. (You’ll also notice my pastel problem seeped into here… But more on that later!)
#3 – Zoya Bottles!

L to R: Zoya Harlow and Zoya Maria Luisa

Why I love them: 
There’s just something really satisfying about holding a Zoya bottle in the palm of your hand. The edges are rounded, the glass is solid, and the whole thing is just really aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I especially love their matte bottles which come with slightly fogged glass and a softer looking cap. I’m a very tactile person when it comes to objects and textures and these bottles just fit perfectly for me. That probably sounds weird, but there you go. 🙂 I might even have to admit that the recent increases to my Zoya collection have 30% to do with polish shades and 70% with wanting to collect more of these perfect bottles…

#2 – Pastel Polishes!

Clockwise: OPI Planks a Lot, Steady As She Rose, Sparrow Me The Drama, Mermaid’s Tears, Skull & Glossbones

Why I love them: 
These polishes right here are what got me hooked on nail polish: the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean line. The only one I’m missing is Stranger Tides and that’s because I wasn’t really feeling the murky green. And the reason I loved this line so much? IT WAS ALL PASTEL! Ahhhh so pretty, so soft, so perfect. I guess we could make the leap and say that pastels are actually the reason I got into nail polish (and by extension blogging) since if this collection hadn’t been made with these shades I probably wouldn’t have picked up on all of this. So thank you pastels. 🙂 Whether work, life or job interview you’re always the right fit. 

#1 – Square Glitter!
From top: ORLY Peaceful Opposition, Sally Hansen Open Mica Night, OPI Lights of Emerald City

Why I love them: 
Be still, my heart! Square glitters are 100% the quickest way to draw my attention to a polish. They’re fun (because they’re glitter!) but they’re also neat and tidy (because they are squares!). Best of both worlds, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂 Since I haven’t made the leap to indie polishes yet my choices for square polish have been pretty limited, but I greatly treasure each of the ones I have currently. And if you know of a square glitter that you think I would love? Don’t keep that to yourself, send me a message so I can keep my eyes open for it!! 😀

And that’s all she wrote! This was a really fun post to put together, so I might think about what other kinds of polish-related lists I can make in the future… If you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!!

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