ProcrastiNails: Press Release: New MoYou London Time Traveller Collection Plates

* Press Release

It’s almost Friday, and that means it’s time for some new MoYou London releases! This time they’re sharing some awesome new plates from their decades-themed Time Traveller Collection. I love how the plates are divided by time periods, and how there are so many unique designs. Check out what they have to say below, and then follow the cut to get a look at the plate designs!

Great Scott! We just powered up our flux capacitor circuit, are you ready to go back in time?

Dance all night in shimmering sequins during the Jazz Age; shake, rattle and roll around the neon jukebox or have a hippie moment in the throws of Woodstock!

Are you ready for a time travelling adventure? Our decade plates launch this Friday!


These five plates will be available, starting this Friday 6th March!

Have a groovy day,
The MoYou-London Team