Posh and Sparkling Pink Glitter Tips

by - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bright pink is not a colour I wear often. I find it bright and a bit tacky and childish. So when I was at the store and picked up a bottle of Rimmel Posh Pink, I had to ask myself "What in the world made me decide to get this and now what am I gonna do with it?!"

The answer to the first part was that it's one of the only Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro polishes I don't already own (I love both the consistency of the polish and the size of the brush) and it was on sale, and the answer to the second part was "Breast Cancer Awareness Mani!" Yes, I realize I'm posting this in November, but this mani was done in October (as you can tell by the length of my nails) and I just haven't had time to get to the pictures until now (and maybe I forgot I had them... oops). So enjoy!

As I said above, the base for this mani was Rimmel Posh Pink. It is really not the kind of colour I normally wear, though it went surprisingly well with my skin tone. I did a slight glitter gradient on the tips with Revlon Sparkling, and then finished the whole thing off with a matte finish.

I usually use Essie's matte topcoat, but I saw someone on instagram mention using NYC Matte Me Crazy so I picked it up and gave it a shot. And you know what? I'm sold! It's cheaper than Essie's Matte About You (NYC is only a few dollars) and stayed a true matte longer (rather than turning into that satin-y matte by the end of the day).

I truly feel a matte topcoat makes almost any mani look a bit classier (which is important when you're wearing HIDEOUS BARBIE PINK NAILS), but for comparison's sake I've also included a pic below of how this mani looked when it was still glossy.

Not such a fan of the glossy look. Not. At. All.

So what about you, did you participate in any activities or events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October? My hometown started doing an event called "Bark For The Cure" where participants fundraise and then take part in a group dog walk. If only I had a dog and lived back in my home town! Ah well.

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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  1. I was laughing while reading the post because I love bright pinks. It's funny how everyone different people see things, to my it's bright and fun and it cheers me up haha So I like it both matte and glossy *shrugs*

    1. Good to know! ;) Matte is my guilty pleasure. Like, I think I could mattify every design ever and love it without any regrets. lol.

  2. I love a matte version! And I like such bright colors:) Great mani:)

    1. Agreed! You can never go wrong with matte. ;) Thanks!!


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