ProcrastiNails: Week of Love: Half Of My Glittery Heart is Yours

You ever have those designs that when you draw them out you’re like “yep, perfect!” but when you finally translate them to nail you’re like “ehhhhh no” and so you just keep changing them little by little? That’s what this design was like for me. Originally it was going to be creme polishes, but then I got my hands on Julep Glam Roc and knew I had to put it to use. And then I was only going to do the half the heart going across the line, but when I did that you couldn’t actually tell that they were hearts (well, you could but it was a stretch) so I decided to do the other side and add an outline. The finished product isn’t exactly what I pictured, but that’s okay! 🙂 It’s still cute.

I knew I wanted to do gold textured polish on my accent nail, and lucky for me I just picked up Zoya Solange earlier this week. It took a while to decide on my third shade, but eventually I settled on China Glaze United which is a full-coverage scattered holo glitter. (Though as you can see my camera doesn’t like holos. Ah well. Just keep in mind this was 10x more glittery in person!) I felt both of these colours accented nicely with Julep Glam Roc.

From the side you can almost get a feel for what the original design was… Maybe it could have worked if I gave it another try and used some different polishes, but ah well. I’m content with what I was left with. 🙂

My hearts are also a little wonky, but that’s what happens when you freehand things. I don’t mind. 🙂 Also, there’s one more day of this challenge left! Are you excited to see what I do with my last fill?? Keep an eye out tomorrow for the final look!

And make sure to check out some of the fills from the other lovely people taking part!

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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