Julep Gradient Christmas Tree Nail Art

by - Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas tree nail art on a green gradient background

Hello loves! I have my first holiday look of the season to share with you today! I'm kind of behind on my winter/Christmas looks this year, but that's because I've been in a bit of a funk recently. I think I need to re-read my post on dealing with burnout to help myself move with motivation into the new year. Anyway, enough of my mini sob story. On to the look!

Macro of Christmas tree nail art on a green gradient background

I started with a gradient base of three Julep greens: Julep Shannon, Julep Emerald City and then Julep Valerie (light to dark). When that was dry I used some white acrylic paint and a detail brush to paint on some trees and then added some dots with silver acrylic and Julep Kenya for baubles. A layer of top coat and some gold studs for the tops of my trees finished the look. :)

Christmas tree nail art on a green gradient background

I'm pleased with how this turned out - I've wanted to try doing these kind of freehand trees for a while as I've seen so many of them across nail blogs this holiday season. It was actually really easy - just make a triangle and then feather the edges out.

I'm also using this look as my entry to the Nail Polish Canada Holiday 2015 Nail Art Contest, so check out the other looks below and then vote for your fav!

Let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting! Happy Holidays! xx

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  1. These look really cool! The freehanded trees look great and I really liked the gradient underneath when I saw it on Instagram :3

  2. Your Christmas trees look fantastic! I love that there white, makes them look more elegant.


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