ProcrastiNails: Pink and Black Colour Blocking Tape Mani

I was reading an article on Psychology Today about what I’m going to call “The Pink and Black Dilemma.” (You can read it here if you are inclined – it’s not too long.) It’s the idea that we express our emotions in colour a lot of the time, and that the unique combination of pink and black is something that young girls in particular use to express being girly (pink) yet serious (black) at the same time. Think Avril Lavigne, or pink accessories with black skulls on them.

Here’s a quote from the article that illustrates the idea:

“In my experience, pink and black together represent a dilemma for young people. How can I be girly and fun and silly while also being deadly serious and angry about so many things in my life? How can I enjoy my life now while knowing that one day I’ll die? How can I manage to stay innocent when part of me wants to know everything? How can the pink part of me co-exist with the black?” – Luxmoore, Young People Up Close

Like the article says, this isn’t an easy dilemma to resolve. I have so many thoughts on this idea, but this is a nail blog not a psych blog… So on to my fun and girly yet mature and serious mani! 🙂 Hahah.

I started this mani with 3 coats of Sinful Colors Easy Going as the base, and then taped off some art deco-y blocks of space with striping tape. I filled in the spaces with Sinful Colors Black on Black, China Glaze Life is Rosy and China Glaze United. It was challenging to get the right amount of polish so that you would only need one coat for full opacity, and yet not so much polish that it would pool and flood over the tape.

Pretty good for my first attempt at this kind of mani! I’m pleased with it. I really love these colours together, even though for some reason CG’s Life is Rosy photographed weirdly (see my swatching post for a more colour-accurate pic).

And there we have it! Overall I’d say I’m a pretty good balance of pink and black in my life… What about you? 🙂

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