ProcrastiNails: The 31 Day Challenge 2014 – Day 5: Blue Holo Chevrons

The theme for Day 5 is Blue Nails, and to be honest this design took forever for me to figure out and be satisfied with… I have come up against an inspiration wall already. It’s only been 5 days, but there you have it. The only thing I knew going into it was that I wanted to use one or more of my new Color Club Halo Hues (I may have bought the entire 12-piece set online while I was sick). A few hours and a few corrections and then… It was time to figure out how to photograph a holo polish. Because that’s not something I’ve had to do before! A few more hours, three different lighting setups, and I’m happy enough with what I have to share.

I used three gorgeous holographic polishes to get this look: Color Club Over the Moon, Colour Club Blue Heaven and Colour Club Beyond. The design was a combination of nail vinyls and free-hand brush work.

And here’s a shot of the look with my regular lamps instead of the LED lamps, so you can see the design itself. Each of these photos was taken with a different lighting setup and I jumped back and forth between two different lightboxes! Definitely a process I’ll have to perfect before I jump back into holo designs.

Here’s a look at the designs everyone else put together for today:

And that’s all for today! Since each picture in this post was taken with a different lighting setup and I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do holo pictures in the future I want to ask: Which picture/lighting do you like the best? It would be really helpful to hear what you think. 🙂

Tomorrow is Violet Nails and I think I’m going to try doing some freehand work… Don’t hold me to that, though! Haha.

Thanks for visiting!!