ProcrastiNails: Pinterest Inspired Nail Art Challenge Week 1: Straw Mani

I’m doing a new challenge with some other lovely ladies based on ideas we find on pinterest. Exciting! For the first challenge Julia decided we would start with a straw mani based on this pin. (No credit to give unfortunately – if you know who this picture is originally from please let me know!) This was a pretty easy look to do, I love how it turned out!

When it came to choosing colours it was a nice coincidence that my August Julep box got delivered this morning. Easy enough, let’s just use those! I guess you can use this as a preview for some of the colours I got this month, until I get the swatch post(s) up. 🙂

In theory, this look is easy to achieve. You paint a few layers of your base colour, wait for it to dry, and then dip the end of a straw into the colours you want to use and then stamp them on top of your base! Don’t try to make them all look neat or the same, it’s not going to happen. lol. I didn’t let my base coat dry enough at first, so my first few ‘stamps’ smooshed a bit. Oops.

The base of this mani was three coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On. I then went through my design colours one at a time, using Julep Marjorie (the orange), Julep Nellie (the pink) and Julep Fiore (the brown). I love how these colours work together! Lovely! The whole thing is sealed with a coat of Seche Vite.

This kind of design isn’t meant to look perfect, and it was actually pretty quick to do. Have you ever tried doing a straw mani??

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