The 31 Day Challenge 2014 - Day 31: Triangle Decal Mani

by - Monday, October 06, 2014

And we've made it. The last day of the 31 Day Challenge for 2014. I'm happy to be done, but I'm also a bit sad. It's hard to let go of things even when you were looking forward to the end. Oh well. There's always next year to look forward to. :)

The last theme for the challenge was to honour nails you love and you can check below the cut to see who and what design I decided to honour with this look!

I chose to honour a look put together by the wonderful Lisa over at The Polish Playground. I honoured her Gold and Green Geometric Triangles because not only do I love the look but it was also the first time I'd seen the triangle decal design (which now that I'm aware of I have seen cropping up on blogs all over the place!). Lisa is also super sweet and always has a kind comment for everyone, so how could I not honour some of her nails!

This look started with two coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones and then I stuck on my decals made of Julep Angela, Julep Roc Solid and Square Hue Oxford Street.

To make the decals I painted patches of polish on a plastic bag, and then peeled them off and cut them up once dry. I stuck them to my still-tacky second coat of S&G and then sealed with top coat.

Here's a look at the other final looks for this year:

That's it for the challenge, but I'll have a roundup post together hopefully within the next few days. I also have some Beauty Boxes that have been impatiently waiting for swatching so we'll be getting to those soon too. And then the Halloween looks! Woohoo! :)

Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge, and thanks for visiting!! xx

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  1. When I saw these on my blogger feed, I thought hey I did something similar to this too. Then I read that you were inspired by my design and wow that made my day! You did a wonderful job recreating them and I like the colors you went for here too, its perfect for fall.

    1. That's lovely to hear! I really did love the look when you first do it, I knew I would have to give it a try some time! Thank you! :) <3

  2. These are so beautifully done! Congrats on finishing and choosing a great inspiration mani!

  3. Great job on the mani! and way to go in finishing the challenge! I remembered I was so proud to have finished this challenge last year. So close on quitting so many times, lol.

  4. Lisa is such a sweetheart, that was so nice of you to pick her mani! You did a great job on these, too! :D

  5. Great recreation of a lovely manicure! I remember seeing Lisa's and wanting to try it as well - I'm going to put it on my to-do list now :)

  6. This is so bad ass! :-) Love what you did and the colors were spot on!

  7. This looks great. I love the color combination and I agree Lisa is a great person to honor. She has been a loyal follower and commenter on my blog for a long time.

  8. These nails look awesome!! You did a great job honoring Lisa! She's so sweet (:

  9. Great color combo and this just looks flawless!

  10. This is the coolest technique! I really love it, great job!

  11. I love this pattern!! I think I saw it done with the Zoya neutral shades recently and I was all "Oh wow!". I know I will never be patient enough to let every layer dry though so I will just sit here and see what YOU create!

  12. Love! I've been wanting to try this triangle design too! Maybe soon. The colors you used are beautiful together!

  13. wow such a creative manicure!

    Your nails look great! Thanks for sharing this manicure with us!
    Looking forward to read your next post 
    Xx Julia


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