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by - Friday, October 21, 2016

My theme this week seems to be stamping, eh? Totally unintentional! Haha.

So I have a bad habit that you may know of where I buy things and then they sit in my untrieds pile for a long time... Stamping polishes especially! It seems like I just have my three or four favourite polishes to stamp with, and the rest get left out in the cold. :(

In the interest of fixing that I've decided to start doing quick swatches of each of my stamping polishes by brand, both to create a mini directory of what I have and to finally see how well each works. Sounds fun, right?! Haha. Well I'm looking forward to it, at least. :)

Today we're starting off with the polishes I own from (the controversial) Mundo de Unas!

Mundo de Unas Sunflower, Pale Pink (lies) and Papyrus

Mundo de Unas Sunflower: This is one of my favourite stamping polishes, and one of those four I mentioned that I always reach for when I'm doing nail art. (As seen here and here!) It works perfectly over all sorts of shades and as you can see it is perfectly opaque over both black and white.

Mundo de Unas Pale Pink: This one I never use, because it is a lie. Does that look like pink to you? No. :( And I can't even say this one faded, as that's the colour it was when I got it. Lame. It does work well over dark and light shades and it's a nice colour, but I can't help but be disappointed that it's not actually pink.

Mundo de Unas Papyrus: I've never reached for this one before, but it covers both light and dark really well. I like that it's a fresh lemon-y shade.

Mundo de Unas Tutti and Reddish

Mundo de Unas Tutti: I like this shade, but both times I've used it (for today's post and here) it's bled on me during clean up/top coat. So even though the shade is lovely and works well over both dark and light, it's not a polish I would recommend. Shame.

Mundo de Unas Reddish: This one fades a bit when it's stamped over black but it's still definitely usable.

Mundo de Unas Blue Navy, Mint and Pastel Blue

Mundo de Unas Blue Navy: This is the biggest disappointment in terms of stamping over black. The colour is totally lost. It works well over lighter shades still I'll keep using it, but I wish it was a bit more vibrant over darker shades too. This is one I've already used a couple times (here and here).

Mundo de Unas Mint: This is one of my other favourite stamping polishes! Look how pretty it is, and how well it works over both black and white! (You can see this one in action here.)

Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue: This is a lovely light blue, and it stamps well over both bases. It was one of the other ones I've never used and when I swatched it I thought "Why haven't I used this before?!" Gonna have to fix that soon. :)

And for fun I decided to use all 8 of them together in a mani, too! My base is L'Oreal Paris Masked Affair if anyone is wondering. ;)

This one was taken with flash so I could show off that gorgeous holo... *drool*

In general Mundo de Unas polishes stamp really well, and they work over both black and white bases which is awesome. One thing that is important to know before you pick any of them up though is that they have a very VERY strong scent, so much that some people can't handle using them. I'm shocked though that it's not a scent that makes my allergies react. They also ship from Mexico so they can take a while to arrive, but they're quite inexpensive so I don't mind waiting.

So you may have noticed at the beginning I said this brand is controversial, but if you're not big into stamping polishes you may not have heard much about it. Basically it's uncertain what the polishes are actually made of, though the most common guess is that it's the same kind of paint used to paint cars. As you can imagine some people aren't too happy about that, especially as from what I heard the maker won't confirm or deny.

Based on these controversies it's generally agreed in the nail community not to use these polishes around children or without a fan or mask to make sure you aren't directly inhaling the fumes. I generally have my air purifier on beside me while I'm working, and I don't plan to stop using them even with the debate around them.

If you want to read more about the MdU controversy you can check out some of these posts too:

And that's it for today! Do you have opinions about Mundo de Unas polishes? I'm open to hearing them, so feel free to sound off in the comments! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Nice review and swatches of these stamping polishes. I don't own any of the Mundo de Unas stamping polishes but I've always been interested in picking up a few.

  2. These stamping polishes look great! I love the rainbow stamping over the silver holo.

  3. Stamped over Masked Affair is awesome!! Great idea!

  4. Mundo de Unas is probably my overall favorite stamping polish brand. And although they're usually my go to for stamping, I'm still on the hunt for my ideal red that stamps super vibrantly and opaquely over black.

  5. I just can't get around the car paint.

  6. Thanks for your honest review of these!

  7. So many pretty manis. I know MDU gets a bad rep,but I have the most success when I use them!

  8. I love MDU and besides BPS metallic stamping, it's all I buy!

  9. I have always wondered what is in these polishes, especially since it's such a secret.

  10. I think your bottle of Pale Pink was a mislabeled yellow of some sort. I purchased it as well and used it in this manicure (the stamp of the man):( and it is definitely a light pink. Love that you're swatching them. I should probably do the same so mine get more use too.

  11. I think pale pink actually looks like it might be mislabeled. It looks more like cream.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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