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by - Monday, October 03, 2016

Hello lovelies! So it's taken me quite a while but I can finally say I've started dipping my toes into the indie polish world. :) For those who don't know indie polishes are independent polish makers and they are a huge section of the polish blogger world these days!

Why did it take me so long to get into indies? A number of reasons: fears about quality, prices that can be higher than mainstream brands, my hatred of paying shipping, less availability in Canada... Lots of things to consider. But I actually bought my gateway indie polish in January and since then I've been casually browsing. This month I decided to take the plunge and really explore indies (Canadian indies, that is).

My very first order was with Beyond the Nail! Check under the cut for swatches of two of the lovelies I picked up, and then read about my first impressions and thoughts on the brand! I've decided to start with two different finishes so we can get a good impression of application. :)

 Beyond the Nail Pink Microglitter

First up we have the appropriately-named Pink Microglitter! This is a full coverage rose pink microglitter that makes me think of spring and tea parties! 

For application I painted on my base coat and then sponged on one additional coat to make sure I had great coverage. I sealed it with one layer of thick top coat to make it shine as it naturally dried matte and a bit gritty (as most microglitter polishes do).

Beyond the Nail Beyond Grey

Next up is a lovely grey glitter crelly! You know how I love my glitter crelly polishes, right? So when I saw this one I knew I had to snap it up. I love the mixture of the grey base combined with the variety of shimmer and glitter that is packed in the bottle... Purple, silver, gold, hex, shards, squares... It's a great mix that doesn't overpower the base. :)

Application was good though I wish the final look was a bit more opaque on the nail. This is three coats with no undies, and a layer of top coat to smooth it all down and make it shine.

My First Impressions

Customer Service

Honestly, my first impression was really pleased. :) I was really impressed with shipping time to start with. I received all of my polishes in two days and they were packaged up nicely with tissue paper and bubble wrap. There was even a nail decal sample included which was a lovely little surprise. :)

Polish Quality 

The quality was also great, and I was really pleased with how the microglitter applied! Super lovely and super full coverage. The glitter crelly was a bit thinner and I think I would recommend using grey undies with it, but overall it's got a lovely mix of glitter in it and it's quite unique!

Price and Availability 

I appreciate being able to support local Canadian businesses (Yes these ladies are local for me! Woohoo!) so that's another bonus in my books for this brand. And I've heard nothing but positive things about the brand in the nail community.

Each of these retailed for $8 CAD but I got them on sale for $5.50 each along with two other polishes, and shipping was just under $9. Definitely well priced, even if I would have paid full price!

Overall Thoughts 

Ultimately I'm totally satisfied with both my new polishes and my experience with the company. :) Would I order more polishes? MOST DEFINITELY. I already have my eye on quite a few more shades... Mwahaha!

You can check out more from Beyond the Nail in their shop!

Also yes, my nails have now grown out a wee bit since last week's mistake so I can swatch again! Hooray! Though they're a bit more rounded for now than I'd ideally like, but what can ya do.

Have you tried polish from Beyond the Nail before? Do you have shades you think I should pick up for myself? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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  1. Both colors are looking great. I like the look of that grey crelly a lot.

  2. Glad you joined us in the indie polish loving world! careful, its addicting! haha!

  3. I, too, like to support Canadian indies. We're already disadvantaged here when it comes to polish prices so I find buying Canadian helps to even that out a bit.

  4. Ohh, both of these are really pretty! Yay for indies!

  5. I really like the pink microglitter. :-)

  6. I only own a few indies and they are from few brands. For me it's even worse than you in Canada, with shipping and customs and such all the way to Europe!

  7. I'm addicted to microglitter, so that pink one really catches my eye

  8. Welcome to the dark side (insert evil laugh)😉

  9. They're both really very pretty! Can't wait to see more swatches of this brand!


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