Nail Art // The Digital Dozen Does Vampy: Day 1

by - Monday, October 10, 2016

Free-handed nail art with a vampy sexy eye

I am super excited to share today's post with you for two reasons: First because it's an attempt at free-handing a detailed look with acrylic paint, and second because it's my first post with The Digital Dozen!

If you haven't heard of them, The Digital Dozen is a lovely group of ladies who collaborate every month on a new nail theme. I've looked up to a lot of the nail artists in the group for years so I was thrilled to be invited to join! Like, I sound really calm now right? But I'm not! I'm totally hyped! Haha.

So I decided to push myself for my first look for our theme this month: vampy!

The Digital Dozen Does Vampy nail art day 1

Okay! So I started off with a black base because my plan was to blend colours all over the place as I went and I wanted to make sure that if any edges peeked out there would be a solid base. My black of choice? Sinful Colors Black on Black. :) Then I went at it with a detail brush and a bunch of acrylic paints and just added layer on layer until I felt done.

Everything is finished off with two coats of quick dry top coat to help smooth it all out, and then I added a layer of matte because I always think free-handed designs are better matte. 

Spooky eyeball Halloween nail art

Sexy Vampy Freehanded Eye Nail Art
The design idea was originally a mysterious eye with thick eyeliner because when I think of vampy I think of sexy and secretive and deep jewel tones and all that good stuff. It didn't turn out exactly as I planned but honestly I'm pretty pleased with it overall!

What do you think, does this look say 'vampy' to you? :)

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow with my second look! xx

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  1. Vampy eyes - totally! Deep dark hues and lots of liner! <3 Great job!

  2. Perfect for this month in general! Ah and isn't working with acrylic just fabulous!

  3. I love the colours you've used!

  4. Ooh, the background makes this gloriously creepy!

  5. Well, THAT is one vampy eyeball! Never thought I'd utter those words. I really am loving it. It looks like a piece of art I'd hang on a wall.

  6. Ohhh, sexy make up! love the art feel of this!

  7. I love this mani, so different looking. Vampy and so perfect for Halloween

  8. Wow, these are so cool!! I'm so happy that you're a part of the group now!<3

  9. You totally rocked your first mani!

  10. That is a true art piece! I'm super impressed!


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