ProcrastiNails: Pastel and Glitter Starburst Mani with Nail Vinyls

Glitter Starburst Manicure featuring Julep and Nail Vinyls

Boom! Pow! Starburst designs! That’s how I feel when I use these vinyls on my nails. Using nail vinyls is a quick and easy way to jazz up an older mani and cover any tip wear, and that’s what I did today. Check under the cut for more info about what I used and how quick it was to pop this look on!

Manicure with Julep Shelly, Julep Beatrix, Sinful Colors Black on Black and Starburst Nail Vinyls

This look started off as a simple pastel and glitter mani using Julep Shelly and the lovely Julep Beatrix. I love layering this glitter topper over all sorts of colours because it’s got a great mix of matte black and gold holo glitter that work well with anything.

Glitter Starburst Nail Art with NailVinyls and Julep

After a few days I started to notice some wear on some of the tips so I decided to make it last a few days longer by placing some starburst vinyls from NailVinyls and filling the shapes with Sinful Colors Black on Black.

One important thing to keep in mind when you’re using vinyls is that you have to let your base dry FULLY before applying the vinyls, otherwise they’ll pull up your base polish. That’s why they’re perfect to use on a mani that’s a few days old – there’s no way they will lift that baby up!

It literally took me 2 minutes to apply, fill in and pull off the vinyls on all my nails, and then once the polish was dry I had a whole new mani!

Macro of Glitter Starburst Nail Vinyls Nail Art

On nails with the most wear you’ll want to apply the vinyls in a way that covers the trouble areas, like you can see I did in this macro shot above. Once your new layer of polish is dry you can top it off with top coat to help smooth the layers.

There are so many places to buy nail vinyls these days – I’ve only ordered from NailVinyls before but I’d love to hear which other shops you like to order from!

Thanks for visiting! xx