Nail Art: Blue for #31DC2016 // Underwater Stamped Seascape

by - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

So this is not my favourite mani, but I decided to share it with you anyway. It's my blue fill for The 31 Day Challenge and it's an underwater seascape! I decided to make it matte because I honestly feel if you matte-ify something that you dislike it will make it just a little bit better... And it worked here for me! (In my opinion!)

I used a whole bunch of stuff for this mani... My base is actually a sharpie marble, so I basically took three shades of blue sharpies and scribbled with each in the base of a different plastic shot glass, added a small spritz of rubbing alcohol and then used the resulting liquid to dye splotches on my nails. That's why there's a bit of a white boarder which I actually quite like! :)

Once that was dry I did my stamping with a few different tools:
  • MoYou London Stamping Polish in Falcon
  • Mundo de Unas White
  • MoYou London Doodles Collection 07
  • MoYou London Sailor Collection 10
  • Essie Matte About You

I was kind of shocked that I owned two different MoYou London plates with sea creatures on them... Who knew! Guess I'm drawn to aquatic images. :)

You know, the longer I look at this the more it grows on me. I don't do many looks like this where the image continues across all the nails (is there a name for that??) but it was fun! Def planning to try more in the future! :)

Thanks for visiting! xx

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