Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Paper: Stamped Crossword Nails

by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sometimes you have an idea in your mind, but when you execute it it just doesn't work out how you pictured... That's how I'd describe today's mani. I was imagining a really rich, gradient background with crisp and bright stamping on top. But I got this instead. Haha. Ah well! They can't all be winners. :)

This is my second fill for this month's DD week with the theme of paper - when I think of paper, crosswords is one of the things that comes to mind! So I decided to use my new Moyra stamping plate from Beautyometry (part of my VIP Bag from Indie Expo Canada) which has a lovely crossword image.

Let's take a look!

I recently picked up a few Cirque Colors polishes because to be frank I hate their new logo and wanted to get a few with the old logo before it disappears. It's a brand I've always meant to try and this pushed me to pick some up sooner rather than later.

So I started off with a white base and then did an angled gradient with Cirque Colors Cerrillos and Cirque Colors Fascination Street, and when they were dry I stamped on my pattern with Mundo de Unas White and Moyra No.108 Sounds of Your World Plate.

My stamping lines definitely could have been straighter, but it's hard with such delicate bits because as soon as your hand bumps even a little bit the image is placed crooked. :( Ah well.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my favourite mani (so far) this week! I'm super excited to share it with you!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for  visiting! xx

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  1. I thought of crosswords before even seeing the title! SO fun!

  2. What a great stamping image! I love it!

  3. Oh wow, it has been years since I've done a crossword! These look really cool!


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