ProcrastiNails: Nail Art // Water Spotted Starburst Nails with the Essie Tropical Lights Collection

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Happy Friday, and Happy Canada Day! I had meant to get some Canada-inspired nails up for you today but I lost the decals I was going to use believe it or not! 🙁 Sad! So instead I’m sharing some bright and bold summer nails that I did a couple months ago. Just pretend they are red and white instead of pinks and greens? And that the stars are maple leaves? Haha.

This look is entirely made up of Essie polishes. I started out with a base of my much-loved bottle of Essie White Page. When that was dry I did multiple layers of water spotting with all of the shades from the Essie Summer 2016 Tropical Lights Collection which is made up of a whole bunch of shimmery pinks and greens and blues. I smoothed it all down with top coat and then when it was fully dry I used some star vinyls and more white polish to finish it off.

I love how crisp the vinyl lines turned out! Look at that perfect start! Perfection!

And look at all the colours that come through in the layers of water spotting! The shimmer really does add that extra something to this look. I really adore how fun and shimmery and summery this look ended up Pretty pretty pretty!

Water spotting is in my opinion one of the easiest techniques with one of the best payoffs in terms of final looks. If you don’t like how a nail turns out you can just add another layer! And trust me, some of these nails have like… 7 layers. Haha.

So that’s it! Let me know what you think! And for any fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day! xx