Nail Art // Cherry Blossoms for When Colors Collide

by - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Cherry blossom nail art with pink and brown polish

I love participating in group challenges, and one of the newest groups I've joined is When Colors Collide -- a group of wonderful people who complete a nail art challenge every two weeks with a certain selected combo of colours!

This week we did a colour combo that really inspired me: pink and brown! I've wanted to try my hand at a cherry blossom-type design for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. Check under the cut for a breakdown of how I put this look together and some extra pics!

Simple cherry blossom design for When Colors Collide

Okay! So if you're curious about how I did this look (even though personally I think it's pretty obvious the steps I took haha) I'll say that I started off with a base of Quo by ORLY Always Chic and when that was dry I freehanded on some branches with my fav brown polish which is Essie Little Brown Dress. Then I used a dotting tool and did some clusters of pink with Essie Can't Filmfest and then dotted the middle of those clusters with a lighter pink (Essie Delhi-Dance) and then finished it off with a final dot of the darker pink again. Super simple!

To really finish things (and because I love putting matte on top of freehanded work) I put a layer of regular top coat over it to dry it all and smooth it, and then put a single layer of NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat. It really brings out the shimmer and makes the whole thing look super soft imo!

Macro of cherry blossom nail art with Quo by ORLY and Essie

I really had no idea how to make the blossoms but I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with! I thought about adding some tiny white dots to the middles but it just looked too busy. I think I like it better this way, anyway!

Have you ever tried to do a cherry blossom design before? What do you think about this one? 

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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  1. These are pretty! I love cherry blossom nails :)

  2. The shimmer is so delicate and pretty! And I love the mani! I was so sad to miss this prompt, pink and brown has always been a favourite combo of mine.

  3. This is stunning and your macro is to die for! I love cherry blossom anything.

  4. It looks great (and amazing for freehand). I should join, I have been stuck for ideas lately and need the prompts

  5. Cherry blossoms are always so lovely and delicate. You did a beautiful job with these!

  6. I am so drawn to this base color.

  7. I love cherry blossoms and your nail art turned out great!

  8. Ah! You're inspiring me to do this! I used to do cherry blossoms a lot, in my pre-blog-era. It's so fun! Yours turned out so elegant!

  9. I am loving this mani! From the base color to the design, it's so pretty!


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