ProcrastiNails: Simple Bridesmaid Nails with Julep Florence

Perfect bridesmaid nails with Julep Florence and rhinestones

Super quick and simple post to share with you today! These are the nails I wore earlier this summer as a bridesmaid for my lovely friend Natalie’s wedding. My dress was a deep plum and I wanted something simple and elegant that would match well (and that wouldn’t take long to do, as I may have done my nails a few hours before I went to sleep the night before).

To get this look I painted on two coats of my favourite neutral Julep Florence and then stuck some clear crystal rhinestones and sealed everything with two coats of top coat. Simple and fabulous!

Simple nude bridesmaid nails with rhinestones

The wedding was amazing and my friend Natalie was a beautiful bride. I really appreciated being able to share her special day. Having great nails was just a bonus. 🙂

What kind of look do you like to wear for a wedding? Neutrals or something bold?

Thanks for visiting! xx