ProcrastiNails: Born Pretty Store Rectangular Metallic Studs Review and Nail Art

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Hello loves! I have an interesting look to share with you today using some lovely rectangular studs from Born Pretty Store and a polish that wasn’t quite as expected! Curious to hear more? Check under the cut! 🙂

Let’s start with the studs! The lovely metallic accent pieces in this mani are the 2.5x7mm Rectangle Rose Golden studs from Born Pretty Store, which were sent to me for review. The size is exactly what I was expecting and they stuck on over a layer of top coat really well. I placed them with tweezers, and even with my super curved nails they laid fairly flat (which you can see in the macro below). I’m really happy with them!

See? Look how well that stud is stuck! 🙂 The back of the studs is hollow so if there’s any polish that’s going to squish up when you press down it has a place to go rather than pooling at the sides.

Now let’s talk about the polish. The lovely pink chrome you see on my nails is Essie Penny Talk. This is one of the polishes I picked up at our Target clearances. When I picked up the bottle I saw a rose gold sheen but thought the end result would be more gold than pink. I chose it to go with this review thinking “I’ll make a design that uses different variations of golds to accent the colour of the studs!” Well, as you can see expectations were much different than reality! Haha. The bottle in these shots is the same polish as is on my nails! What a shocker, right?

Aside from my surprise pink, the other shades I used were Wet n Wild French Crème for the base and OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby as the gold line accent. I think it all pulled together in the end (thankfully).

Born Pretty Store sells a number of nail art accessories and tools and if you’re interested in picking up these studs (or anything else!) you can use my discount code for 10% off: ASZW10

Let me know what you think, both of the studs and of the (surprising) polish!

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