ProcrastiNails: Mani Swap with Glitterperfection_xo // Denim Nail Art with Ciaté London

Comparison picture of two similar nail art looks inspired by denim

Mani swap time! I was talking to my nail bff Ashley aka Glitterperfection_xo the other day and we decided to do a mani swap to get our creative juices flowing.

She decided to recreate a dry brush look with the Essie Watercolors that I did a few months back, and I decided to recreate a look that she created over on her instagram a few months ago (which after the fact I found out she made partially with decals… that explains how her lines are so straight)! Anyway, this is when I ended up with and I feel okay about it, even if I still think her look is better.

Check out more pics below! 

Blue, gold, black and white nail art with a denim look

I started with three coats of Ciaté London Power Dressing and then painted a tiny pocket on my ring finger with Ciaté London Boom Box and then used a tiny paint brush and some acrylic paint to do all the gold, white and black details. Those lines are hard, man! Some top coat and gold studs and I was done. 

Nail art using Ciaté London polishes and acrylic paint to look like denim

And here’s another look at Ashley’s original look that mine was based off of:

Ashely's original nail art design using Ciaté London and decals

Not my best work, but definitely not my worst! Either way the process of putting it together was really fun… I think I have to do mani swaps more often! Doing a recreation really gets my brain thinking “Okay, how can I do this… How did she do it?!”

If anyone is interested in maybe doing a swap with me at some point, send me a message! 🙂 I really had fun and would like to do more of them!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for visiting! xx