ProcrastiNails: Delicate White Roses on a Little Brown Dress

Netflix really is the best time to sit and doodle on your nails. These nails were the outcome of exactly that kind of night. I had just applied two coats of my favourite dark brown polish (Essie Little Brown Dress) and then was staring at them going “now what?” Well, I grabbed a few polishes that were within reach and this is the result! Lovely.

The first thing I did was swipe a single stripe of the gorgeous irridescent Catrice polish that a lovely friend sent my way – Catrice GaLILACxy – and then I freehanded some roses with Formula X White Matter and a dotting tool. I really love this kind of rose design. It’s so simple but when you’re done it looks so delicate and detailed.

This was my first time using this Catrice polish, and I really like how the irredescent nature of it shows you a whole spectrum of colours. At first glance it’s pink, but you get impressions of gold and orange and even pale green at the right angle. I was worried it wouldn’t work with the brown, but my worries were thankfully unfounded. 🙂

So that’s my doodle for the day. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for visiting!! xx