ProcrastiNails: Sophisticated Angled French Tips

I haven’t freehanded angled french tips in ages, so it felt like it was time to give myself a refresher. What I like about this specific look is that it uses three different finishes… Matte, glossy and glitter. If only I’d been able to work texture in there, I would’ve been all set. 🙂

This look started off with two coats of Pandora’s Polish in Vanilla Bean, which I topped off with a coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy. Then I freehanded the tips in Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Black Satin followed by OPI Wonderous Star. The only unfortunate part was that I couldn’t put a topcoat on to smooth out the black, because that would’ve gotten rid of the matte on the base. Ah well, just ignore any brush strokes you can see, m’kay?

I loved this look, and couldn’t stop staring at my nails the whole time I wore it. Even out of the corner of my eye the black would pop and the glitter would sparkle, so it kept drawing my attention! This Pandora’s Polish brand is starting to grow on me too, so I might have to see about picking up a few more shades this week….

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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