Throwback Thursday (Vol 9)

by - Thursday, July 23, 2015

I have some ooooold looks to share with you today, way back from July 2013! You can definitely see the difference in my posing, lighting and backgrounds compared to now, wow. Re-reading some of the posts I also noticed changes in my writing style. It's so interesting to look back like this - I know I've said it before but there really is value in being able to see the progress you've made from then to now. :)

Check under the cut for a look at the 5 throwback looks I've decided to share!

July 2, 2013

We start off this throwback with a look at my first attempt at a vertical gradient! I did this for Pride in 2013 and at the source you can also see the look with the addition of a white textured heart. I think doing it over a white textured polish made it a bit more interesting, and I really love how each of these nails turned out! Pride's always such a fun theme to work with.

July 9, 2013

In my opinion you can never go wrong with a good colour blocking look. :) It's interesting to have blog posts from this long ago because I can definitely see the difference in my writing from then to now.

In that post I spoke about a concept called "the pink and black dilemma" which is an idea related to femininity and seriousness in girls (you can check out more in the original post if you're at all interested). These days I feel my focus is more on the technical aspects of the art rather than outside concepts that might have impacted the art... I feel like I'd like to bring a bit more of that old style back into my writing, if only to make it a bit more unique!

July 12, 2013

This was... an attempt at stamping. Haha. It's not horrible, but I feel like it's missing something. An outline around the bumps? A second shade of each colour incorporated into the base? Some glitter? I don't know what it is, but something is missing. Either way it filled the prompt for 'citrus fruit' so it's all good.

July 17, 2013

Until I looked at this post (and the related swatch post) I had forgotten how awesome Joe Fresh polishes are! At 3 for $10 you can't beat the price, and they have some really unique options available. Both of the polishes featured in this mani (the red and the gold) are Joe Fresh, and this was my very first time freehanding bows! They could be a bit more uniform but overall I think this is a cute look.

July 26, 2013

This last look is one of my favourites of all time, and it's actually a recreation of a bikini top I own. The flower is just so bright and vibrant on the white! This was a bit tricky to do since at the time I don't think I had very good brushes (I'm pretty sure a lot of this was done with a dotting tool or toothpick). So considering that, I think I did a DAMN good job! Haha.

Let me know which look is your favourite!

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  1. These are all really awesome! I love the textured Pride nails. I always love textured nails and I think I always will.

  2. Oh my gosh your textured pride nails are so love! So creative and pretty.

  3. I really like all of the designs in this post! If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably go with the bow manicure but I love bows so I think I'm a little biased haha (:

  4. The color block came out so crisp and pretty!

  5. The Color Block design looks so cool..all are lovely manis.

  6. These are all such beautiful designs! My fave is the colour blocking :)


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