ProcrastiNails: 2013 Nail Art Challenge: Rimmel Cherry Fashion Half Moons

Day 2 for my 2013 Nail Art Challenge is to use my favourite polish… So I did not only one of my favourite polishes (Rimmel Cherry Fashion) but also one of my favourite colour combos from last season: pink and orange!

Oh my goodness my cuticles. Hahah. I didn’t notice until taking these pics how dry they look. Damn you Canadian winter!

It was tough to decide whether my ‘favourite colour’ was going to be OPI’s Sparrow Me The Drama or Rimmel’s Cherry Fashion. But when it came down to it, I just… I love this pink. It’s strong and vibrant and goes on really well. I’ve spoken about my love of Rimmel before, and Cherry Fashion is no exception. I remember going for coffee with a friend right after I bought it and absently putting it on my nails while we were talking and both of us exclaiming at how nice of a colour it was.

What I used to make this look:

(L to R)
Binder reinforcements to guide my half moons
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Cherry Fashion
Essie’s Orange, It’s Obvious!

More Pics: