30 Days of Colour [Day 5: Green] Butter London Swinger

by - Monday, April 06, 2015

I'm a few hours late but that's okay. :) The first post I have to share with you today is my 'Green' fill for the 30 Days of Colour. I went with a green I've been wanting to try for ages, and also the only Butter London in my collection - Butter London Swinger. I picked this up for St Patrick's Day last year but never got around to using it.

Swinger is a full coverage green glitter with a mix of microglitter and larger hex glitters in a very slightly tinted base. As you'll see in the macro down below there's also a fair bit of gold glitter too, which I think helps to lighten the overall colour from a distance.

I used three coats (no top coat) to get this coverage but I did notice the glitter tended to separate from the base while I was using it, almost to the point where I had to re-shake each time before applying. So that was annoying.

See? Both green and gold, even if it's not as obvious from a distance! Hm! :)

Even though I don't think I'll pull this one out again before St Patrick's Day next year I still think it's a fun polish to have in my collection. This was my first try with Butter London and while I like the polish overall I'm not especially impressed with it so I don't know that I would buy more... Well, maybe one or two more if only so this bottle doesn't feel so lonely off on it's own in my Helmer. ;)

Here's a look at the other 'Green' fills:

And here's the rest of the month at a glance:

Let me know what you think! See you later today with my 'Purple' fill!

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  1. This polish does scream St. Patricks to me, maybe because of the glitter xD It's pretty but I wouldn't wear it for everyday either.

  2. I like how vibrant the green is a lot.

  3. Nice swatches! bummer you had to keep shaking it between coats though :(

  4. So pretty! Swinger is one that I've always thought about getting because I've seen so many pretty swatches of it! The shaking between coats though, that's a deal breaker.

  5. This is *such* a gorgeous color, though I agree with the other commenters about the formula being a bummer. BTW, your photos are looking really incredible lately!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! That's really encouraging to hear you've seen a change. :D

  6. This is really pretty! I love the little glitters!

  7. Wow, they don't really get any greener than this :D! So cheery!

  8. You have to try a creme, it will not disappoint!

  9. Sucks about the formula! It is gorgeous though! I actually don't own any Butter Londons!

  10. Thats a gorgeous green but like you not a shade I would wear often. That stinks that the formula sucks.


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